Timex and seconde/ seconde/ Collaborate on Two Tongue-In-Cheek Watches

Timex reveals a tong-in-cheek collaboration with French creative brand seconde/ seconde/ which explores some of the most famous nicknames in watch history from an “iykyk” approach. First revealed are Episodes 1 and 2 of the six-part “iykyk” limited edition series, with the watches limited to a production of 500 units.

While neither brand has directly mentioned the nicknames the collaborative pieces allude to or their most common manufacturer, we’ll go ahead and take an educated guess — for the sake of our readers who aren’t timepiece aficionados, the “iykyk Episode 1” Timex piece likely refers to the Pepsi nickname as made apparent by a bendy straw graphic acting as a seconds hand.

As for Episode 2, its design features a comic book-style “SLAP” graphic at the center in place of a second’s hand but is still functional as it spins and has an “s” at one of the protruding points to act as an indicator. This particular watch alludes to the Batman nickname, with both it and the Pepsi nickname having been made popular by luxury watchmaker Rolex.

With this in mind, the collection is sure to receive mixed responses from the watch community but is a fun and playful collection nonetheless, with four more episodes or watches on the way. It’s worth noting, the case back of each watch features co-branding, as well as the timepiece’s specific edition number out of 500.

At the time of writing, the blue and red 38mm Episode 1 Timex x seconde/ seconde/ is available for $200 USD and features a quartz movement. Its slightly larger counterpart at 40mm, the black and blue Episode 2, is available for $300 USD and features an automatic movement. The watches are available via Timex’s official site and come with special collaborative boxes that indicate which episode they belong to.

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