Strictly fans gobsmacked at Angela Rippons other job not addressed on show

Strictly Come Dancing fans were gobsmacked when they found out about one of Angela Rippon's TV jobs – and claimed it hasn't been mentioned on the show.

Angela, 79, is the oldest contestant every to take part in the famous BBC ballroom. She's partnered up with show pro Kai Widdrington and took 26 points from the judges on Saturday (October 7) for their quickstep to a song from The Sound of Music.

But fans have been left scratching their heads, because they didn't know that Angela is a presenter on GB News. She is a stand-in presenter on GB News, which came under fire recently after politician Laurence Fox made vile on-air comments about journalist Ava Evans.

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Viewers on Reddit shared their confusion after the latest episode. One asked: "Genuine question – there has been a lot of controversy about GB news in the past few weeks (due to some horrific things said by some people on the channel), and there has been a lot of negativity directed to the channel and it’ presenters for supporting the channel and its views.

"Why don’t they make reference on Strictly to the fact that Angela R is a presenter there? Just to give her a better image, or the BBC not wanting to advertise that channel?"

And lots of fans admitted they'd had no idea she presented on the channel. One said: "Didn't know she's on gb news. That actually does change a lot about how I feel about her."

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Another revealed their disappointment as they added: "Is she? I didn’t know that. That is quite off putting to me."

But others rushed to defend Angela. One said: "Look I just don’t think we should expect that everyone who does a show needs to align with our views and values. That just isn’t real life."

Another defended Strictly, claiming that the BBC weren't choosing to single out GB News. They wrote: "To be fair, they also never mention that bbc show she presents with her two friends, rip off Britain."

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