Emmerdale fans beg ITV bosses to axe pathetic Aaron Dingle from soap

Emmerdale fans have branded Aaron Dingle 'pathetic' as they begged ITV bosses to clear the way for his exit from the soap.

Aaron, who is played by actor Danny Miller on the soap, has caused plenty of drama since his return to the village. Most recently, he bedded lawyer Ethan Anderson in a sick attempt to get one over on his dad Charles Anderson.

Whilst show viewers are fuming about Aaron, they've praised his mum, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), for standing up to him, after he told the truth to Ethan.

After Charles arrived, Aaron told Ethan that he never had feelings for him, and that their rendezvous was purely just sexual.

Laughing in Ethan's face in the Woolpack Inn, Aaron said: “It was just sex. And to be honest with you it wasn’t that good. So why would I want to waste another minute on a boring, needy bloke who’s desperate for love, like you. It’s pathetic.”

This infuriated Chas, who told Aaron to get out of the pub.

Later, Paddy went to speak to Chas, to advise her that Aaron needed to be cut off by those closest to him until he was ready to change his behaviour.

Chas, agreeing, decided to speak to Aaron, as she told him: “What you did to Ethan was pure evil.

“It is sick and it is pathetic. And I am tired of being a part of it. According to Paddy, you’ve been doing all of this to get a rise out of me but do you know what?

“Now that you’ve got what you wanted, it comes at a cost. I am done with you and so is Paddy so from now on you keep away from us. And you keep away from Eve. This family is done with you.”

Aaron was in shock at Chas' comments, but Emmerdale fans are desperate to have him leave the show.

One wrote on Twitter: "Aaron just needs to leave now!" whilst a second said: "Aaron is evil! I want him gone."

Another added: "Get rid of him!!"

Ever since Aaron returned to the village, he's been a far cry from his old self, instead wallowing in grief and self-pity and taking out his anger on his mum.

As a result of his lingering resentment over what he perceives to be Chas's role in sister Liv Flaherty's death, Aaron was enraged to discover his mum and vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) developing a friendship in the latest episode.

While Charles furiously defended Chas and even attempted to hit Aaron, the latter seemed to formulate a plan, in an episode which was marked as a "tribute" to late actor Steve Halliwell.

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