Brody Jenner Drinks Coffee Using His Fiancée Tia Blanco's Breast Milk

Brody Jenner wouldn’t settle for plain java when he ran out of his fave creamer — instead, the guy opted for something sweet from his baby mama’s breast … a perfect replacement, for his taste!

The ‘Hills’ star raised eyebrows recently with a new video he and his pro surfer fiancée, Tia Blanco, uploaded, documenting their first month with their newborn, Honey, who’s feeding on breast milk at the moment.

The reason that’s relevant … Brody filmed himself wondering if he could swap almond milk for boob juice, and then gave it a try alongside Tia — who also indulged in a breast milk latte.

It sounds like BJ was quite impressed … calling his special blend, “Delicious!” Tia, however, didn’t think it was much of a game-changer — saying it just tasted like a cup of Joe!

Either way, now dad knows how his baby daughter feels when she’s filling up — and BTW, breast milk is pretty freaking nutritious, obvi for infants, but Brody thinks it’ll do his body good, too!!!

The soon-to-be-married couple welcomed Honey in July — not long after they announced their engagement in June. Of course, with the news of their child came a very revealing video of their home birth.

A unique way to bring a life into the world … and they’re continuing that unconventional streak in their day-to-day lives. Drink up, we suppose!

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