King Kennedy's "Brights" Mule Collection Is Crafted from Antique Rugs

King Kennedy founder Mikael Kennedy has been known to refer to himself as the “fashion industry’s favorite rug dealer,” a title he’s earned over the past 15 years thanks to his handmade footwear — crafted from late 19th and early 20th century rugs and inspired by his own extensive vintage rug collection. The brand makes shoes and sandals, but they’re most well-known for their (d)Rug Mule, a high-end, hand-made Birkenstock-indebted style that’s just been released in a brand-new “Brights” collection.

The collection’s name comes from the bright patterns and bold tones seen across its rug-coated uppers. Jagged lines and geometric patterns border all of these bold tones, some of which provide a vast departure from the earthy palettes often seen on King Kennedy’s custom creations. Each pair is crafted by skilled artisans in Los Angeles, and, thanks to their unique source material, no two pairs are exactly the same. Though each may boast an entirely bespoke upper, are all brought together with leather straps and footbeds and each is completed by way of a brass buckle and a gold footbed stamp.

The King Kennedy (d)Rug Mule “Brights” collection is available now via the brand’s webstore and at its flagship location — 5022 Eagle Rock Boulevard in Los Angeles. Each pair is priced at $850 USD.

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