We made thousands thanks to Martin Lewis website tip – and are due even more

A couple has revealed how they made thousands from switching banks after following a tip on Martin Lewis' website moneysavingexpert.com (MSE).

Sally and her husband wrote into MSE after reading the tip on there. They said they've made £2,300 so far and are due hundreds more.

The letter read: "Dear Martin and the MSE team, this is just a quick email to say thanks. My husband and I have made £2,325 and 24 bottles of wine (which made great gifts) in the last two years from bank switching and we're currently stoozing (borrow money at no interest, then place that amount into a savings account) £11,000 on 0% credit cards.

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"We've switched with most of the big name banks now. Hopefully we'll be able to switch more soon, once we're on the right side of the 'you can't have had switching cash from us since this date' rule.

"As for the stoozing, I was unsure, but after reading your example of Sally Stooze roughly a year ago, I knew I had to! We're due to pay the 0% credit cards off in full in a year's time.

"I've a calendar reminder set up. I reckon with the switching money and cashback we'll have made about £3,000 in total.

"I often tell people about your site [ta muchly], and suggest they give switching and/or stoozing a go. It's so easy if you're careful and organised.

"I made a comprehensive spreadsheet for the switching to keep track of what I needed to do and when to make sure we got the cash. Keep doing what you and your team are doing so well. "

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The letter comes after Martin's MSE site recently shared how you can get £205 of free money put straight in your bank account.

It said those who get one of HSBC's new multi-currency accounts will get £125 to do so (and then £80 later on). According to MSE, the account itself isn't a top pick, but the free money is very handy as you can get the dosh in time for Christmas.

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