The Crown fans LIVID as Princess Diana 'to appear as ghost' in final series of Netflix hit | The Sun

THE Crown fans have been left LIVID after Princess Diana is set 'to appear as ghost' in the final series of the Netflix hit.

Earlier this week it was revealed when the sixth and final series of The Crown will premiere on the streaming service.

The episodes will feature key moments from the 90s and early 00s including Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister and Princess Diana's tragic death.

Earlier this year it was revealed that show bosses had taken the controversial decision to show "distressing" reenacted scenes from the Princess of Wales' car accident in Paris in August 1997, and now reports claim the late Royal will appear as a ghost.

Elizabeth Debicki has played the role of Princess Diana since season five opposite Dominic West as Prince Charles.

The scene in question will reportedly show her in ghostly form appearing before her ex-husband and the Queen, played by Imelda Staunton.

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The Daily Mail reports the scene will see Diana tell Charles after he weeps over her body in the morgue: "Thank you for how you were in the hospital. So raw, broken – and handsome. I’ll take that with me.

"You know I loved you so much. So deeply, so painfully too. That’s over now. It will be easier for everyone with me gone".

In a scene with the Queen, the women hold hands and Diana tells the Monarch: "I know it must be terrifying… as long as anyone can remember you’ve taught us what it means to be British. Maybe it’s time to show you’re ready to learn too."

A Netflix insider told the publication the ghostly visions of Diana were "visualisations of innermost thoughts" rather than "supernatural".

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Royal fans were quick to comment on the decision, with one writing on social media: "The Crown is fiction but Diana ghost scenes are really tasteless, even for a fictional show."

Another added: "I watched the first two. Lost interest halfway through season 3. That is tasteless to include PD in that way. When is this woman gonna be allowed to RIP?"

A fellow viewer raged: "Why does anyone watch the rubbish that is #TheCrown ?? With writers and producers who come up with this cringe fest?!? “I know, let’s have Diana’s ghost lecture the longest serving monarch in history!” A ten-year-old could do better than this tripe…"

The Crown season six part one premieres on Netflix on November 16, while part two arrives on December 14.

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