The Chosens Mary Magdalene star warns season 4 is ‘point of no return

Elizabeth Tabish teases season 4 of The Chosen

The Chosen season four will be hitting the big screen in February with both British and American fans of the historical drama about the life of Jesus of Nazareth (played by Jonathan Roumie) able to watch the new series in cinemas.

The first couple of episodes from the new run will be screened in cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ahead of the new season, Daily Express caught up with the cast of The Chosen including Mary Magdalene star Elizabeth Tabish.

The American actress admitted she was emotional not only about the new run but also Jesus’ impending crucifixion, which will be depicted in one of the latter seasons.

She said: “I can’t even think about it. There’s an episode this season where’s she’s looking back at everything that’s happened and realising that Jesus must known that that was coming and realising how lonely he must have been, trying to tell us and the group not understand or want to understand – or turn away from it and avoid it.

“Knowing that that’s coming and even Mary picking up that something is about to come and change everything.”

She continued: “That’s seasons ahead, so I’m trying not to get ahead of it. It’s daunting knowing that it’s inevitable. It’s also making every moment with all of these actors – working together – knowing it’s going to end one day.

“There’s a parallel there that makes it even more meaningful and special, knowing that there’s an end.”

Addressing season four, she said compared to Jesus’ other disciples, Mary was more in tune with his message and could see what the Messiah was trying to tell them.

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Tabish said: “Season four everything gets so intense. There are a lot of really unexpected events that really, I think, shakes up the group.

“Everyone’s struggling to understand the things that are happening around them and to them and it gets very serious. It’s a point of no return.

“We’re halfway through the entire show. Season four is right in the middle of the seven seasons we want to do and it is a point of no return.

“We’re in this now and we’re recognised as his followers, we are shunned by a lot of parts of society and we are struggling to deal with very real, tragic things.”

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Dallas Jenkins teasing season 4 of The Chosen

Reflecting on first going for the part of Mary, Tabish said: “It was very daunting. I remember when I first read the script for the audition thinking, ‘This was a beautifully-written character. Period.’

“And knowing that my nerves could get in the way, I just tried to focus on that and this is just a person – and I’m relating to this person so much.

“So as an actor I really tried to connect with her in a way that was kind of shutting out the immensity of the project and the story – at that time it was just a little project in the middle of Texas. It was crowdfunded. It had no idea it was going to get to this point, so a lot of the pressure was me putting it on myself.

“Now, it’s just the same thing, focus on the scenes and the actors you’re working with and try not to think of the history of it.”

The Chosen’s creator and director Dallas Jenkins previously said season four would be darker than its predecessors with Jesus left deeply sad.

The groundbreaking show, which started off life as a crowdfunded project, had a momentous 2023.

Not only did The Chosen start airing on American cable network The CW, bringing it to a mainstream audience but the series struck a deal with SAG-AFTRA allowing season four to continue work during the Hollywood strikes due to the unique nature of the series.

Along with The Chosen, Tabish will be appearing in the science fiction dystopian series The Shift with Stranger Things and The Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin and veteran Hollywood actor Neal McDonough with Jenkins serving as an executive producer.

The Chosen season 4 episodes 1 & 2 will launch in UK and Irish cinemas on February 1, 2024

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