OPPO’s Exhibition at Paris Photo Transcended the Bounds of Mobile Photography

Paris Photo was held last weekend at the historic Grand Palais Éphémère on the Champ-de-Mars on November 9 through 14. As an associate partner, smartphone giant OPPO played an ambitious part in the cultural event as the only smartphone brand in attendance.

OPPO’s collaboration with Paris Photo spotlighted the brands commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile imaging while elegantly merging technology and fine art by exhibiting a series of photographs captured on OPPO devices to demonstrate the creative possibilities of their advanced camera systems. During the exhibition, OPPO and Hasselblad announced plans to co-develop next-generation HyperTone Camera Systems in 2024. This collaboration demonstrates their shared vision of following aesthetics to usher in a new era of computational photography.

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Where Technology Meets Art: OPPO’s Visionary Presence at Paris Photo

Paris Photo is a spectacular art event and, for many, a life force that connects aspiring and established photographers with art lovers, collectors and contemporary thought leaders alike. In the exhibition, OPPO showcased their commitment to the art of photography with the display of exceptional images.

The gallery pieces showcased at OPPO’s exhibition including pieces from Pulitzer Prize winner for Live News Photography Award (1992) Liu Xiangcheng, Norwegian photographer and Hasselblad Master Tina Signesdottir Hult, Hasselblad Master Wang Jianjun and Hasselblad Ambassador Yin Chao. From Hult’s conceptual portraiture to Yin Chao’s rendering of static objects in motion to Wang Jianjun’s poetic examination of the Ebo Liang landform in Qinghai province, the artworks showcased reverent, inspiring renderings of the world.1 of 2

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OPPO’s presence at Photo Paris also included the winners of OPPO’s mobile photography competition, ‘Imagine IF.’ Over 700,000 applicants from 51 countries and regions submitted their artworks in hopes of placing in OPPO’s mobile photography competition, themed “Beyond the Image, Beyond Imagination.”

The exhibition of OPPO at Paris Photo embraced the future of smartphone-enabled art. It was also a showcase of the new possibilities that mobile imaging can offer to the global artistic community.

HyperTone Camera System: OPPO’s Leap Into Next-Gen Photography

During Paris Photo, OPPO and the legendary camera manufacturer, Hasselblad, also announced their plan to co-develop the next generation of HyperTone Camera System, helping to redefine mobile imaging by blending art with technology.

This collaboration is set to combine classical imaging aesthetics with mobile technology, promising to further enhance the computational photography landscape. OPPO’s HyperTone Camera System consists of the HyperTone All Main Camera System, HyperTone Image Engine, and HyperTone ProXDR Display which aim to set new industry standards and redefine the imaging experience on mobile devices.

The HyperTone Camera System is the first-ever All Main Camera System in the industry, which enables high quality images at every focal length, day or night and sets a new precedent for computational imaging.

The Find N3 Series: Where Elegance Meets Advanced Imaging Technology

The Find N3 Series, OPPO’s latest breakthrough in premium foldable devices, is acclaimed for bringing professional-grade cameras to the palm of your hand, and showcases the brand’s dedication to photographic excellence.

In the Find N3, OPPO brings the stack pixel technology sensor to foldable phones for the first time, achieving performance like a one-inch sensor that can be fitted into a foldable. It promises unparalleled image quality across all lighting conditions, capturing moments with stunning clarity. The series also includes Find N3 Flip, which offers a nostalgic flip phone experience.

Using devices like OPPO’s new Find N3 Series, smartphone users can instantaneously enshrine special moments wherever and whenever through OPPO’s state-of-the-art imaging systems.

OPPO’s presentation at Paris Photo is not just an exhibition but a declaration of the future of smartphone-enabled art.

Dive into the award-winning photography in the galleries above. To learn more about the imagine IF Photography Awards and Project and devices like the latest OPPO Find N3, N3 Flip, and Find X6 Pro, visit OPPO’s website.
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