Balamory duo ‘unrecognisable’ as they reunite for new show 18 years on from CBBC hit

When Balamory was on CBBC screens from 2002 to 2005, it was a total hit with youngsters. But 18 years later, two of the show's well-known stars have now reunited for an upcoming project.

Balamory duo Andrew Agnew, 47, and Julie Wilson Nimmo, 50, are getting together for a programme called Olga da Polga, also set in Scotland. The show is adapted from books written by Paddington author Michael Bond between 1971 and 2002.

Balamory, which aired on CCB, followed life in a small Scottish town and had various characters, such as Miss Hoolie (played by Julie), PC Plum (portrayed by Andrew), Josie Jump, Suzie Sweet and Archie the Inventor.

Now, a behind-the-scenes clip was shared to the CBeebies Instagram page, with Andrew in a wizard's outfit and Julie dressed like a cat to promote their new show together.

The pair were seen joking around in their costumes, with Julie – who is married to Still Game actor Greg Hemphill – asking: "Do you think anyone will spy us?"

Andrew the repeated the question before adding: "We have aged slightly."

Julie replied: "We can't be that old!" but Andrew quipped: "Don't look at my grey beard!"

In the promotional video, Julie is almost unrecognisable from her days as Miss Hoolie where she used to have a flicked out bob. Now, in Olga da Polga, the star portrays Mrs Sawdust, who lives with her young daughter Karen and the eponymous, talking pet guinea pig.

Fans after seeing the video then excitedly rushed to the comments to exclaim it had unlocked some nostalgia.

One wrote: "Core memory UNLOCKED: I'm PC Pluuuuum and I'll tell you what I've done…". Another said: "Another added: "I know the Beeb won't fork out for a Balamory reboot, but can we at least have repeats for this new generation?

"My kids have no idea what I'm doing when I randomly sing 'Here's your haaandbaaag'."

When talking about her new character, Julie said: "Olga da Polga is a guinea pig who is going places. She spends her days dreaming of getting her own family of 'sawdust people' until Karen arrives and takes her home to a grand new hutch specially built by Mr Sawdust [who is played by her real life husband, Greg]."

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