I'm a millionaire – and there are perks to being my assistant

I’m a self-made millionaire – and there are incredible perks to being my personal assistant

  • Russian-born Polina Nioly Pushkareva buys her assistant the latest gadgets 
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A millionaire has shared the ‘incredible’ perks of being her personal assistant – including all expense paid trips to Dubai and the latest gadgets.

Polina Nioly Pushkareva, who is from Russia but now lives in New York, took to TikTok to reveal the bonuses that come with being her personal assistant.

The millionaire is frank about money – and claims she made $3million last year and $2million the year before that. Having set up her own media company and acting as its CEO, Polina has now hired a personal assistant – and it seems like she is very generous boss.

The content creator revealed that she paid for her personal assistant to go on holiday to Dubai, as well as regularly buying her new clothes and all the latest tech gadgets.

Her latest video on the subject has amassed 1.3 million views, and social media users have branded it ‘incredible’ – with numerous questioning: ‘You hiring?’

CEO Polina Nioly Pushkareva (right) revealed the perks her personal assistant (left) gets, including free trips and the latest gadgets 

Taking to TikTok, Polina wrote: ‘Rules I have with my personal assistant as a millionaire.’

First, Polina kindly pays for her assistant’s clothes. She wrote: ‘I pay for her business clothes. I think it’s my responsibility to my assistant look “presentable” [be]cause she’s part of my image as well.’

Next, Polina can be seen showering her assistant in luxury gifts, including a Prada handbag.

She explained: ‘I always get her insane gifts for her birthdays.

‘This year I got her a fully paid by me trip to Dubai for a week so she can rest.’

In addition, Polina covers her assistant’s costs during business related travel – including hotels, food, and entertainment.

The video showed Polina’s assistant enjoying Disneyland while donning Minnie Mouse ears, and later fine dining.

Polina explained: ‘When we travel together, I pay for her hotel (she always stays in nice hotels), food (she goes to the same restaurants I go to and I don’t limit the budget), [and] entertainment’.

Polina pays for her assistant’s business clothes as she believes it to be her ‘responsibility’ to make her look ‘presentable’ 

Lastly, Polina feels it is her responsibility that her assistant is up to date with the latest gadgets.

She wrote: ‘I get her the newest phones so she can be the most productive at work.’

The writing appeared alongside the video of the assistant opening a brand-new iPhone, along with what looks like, a pair of AirPods.

Polina’s kindness has left social media viewers in awe, and many have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

One said: ‘Manifesting this lifestyle so I can one day treat my future staff like this.’

Social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on Polina’s management technique, and many were impressed

A second added: ‘This is incredible thank you for not judging people.’

A third wrote: ‘You’re a REAL boss! you go queen.’

Another added: ‘it’s actually really nice from you not every millionaire is like you keep up the good work.’

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