AI shows what Whitney would look like if shed beaten drugs – and if she hadnt

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    Whitney Houston died over a decade ago and artificial intelligence has revealed what she would look like now if she had kicked her addiction – and if she sadly hadn't.

    Whitney's death stopped many in their tracks when it was revealed she had tragically died in February 2012 at the age of 48. The pop star sadly deepened in the bath at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, America.

    Famous for her big pipes and chart-topping hits, Whitney’s career spanned over 40 years. With over 220 million records sold worldwide, she’s one of the best-settling music stars of all time.

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    Her signature song, I Will Always Love You, celebrates its 31-year-anniversary on Friday (November 2). As some may recall, the record-breaking song is a cover version of Dolly Parton’s heart-wrenching tune of the same name.

    At the time of Whitney's death, she had been battling a long drug addiction, which ultimately played a part in her death. The official autopsy report stated she died of accidental drowning, heart disease and cocaine use.

    In exclusive pictures generated by Midjourney, the AI system has revealed two different versions of how Whitney Houston would look now. One of which depicts Whitney if she was sadly unable to overcome her drug use.

    In the first snap Whitney is still sporting her curly shoulder-length brunette hair.

    Her face has bandages covering it too. And teeth also appear to be missing from Whitney’s mouth. Reports have claimed at the time of her death, she had 11 of her front teeth missing and was wearing a “maxillary dental prosthesis.”

    When Whitney sadly died in February 2012 and was found face down in the bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. She was reportedly unrecognisable from the singer who once captivated audiences worldwide.

    After the results of her autopsy were released, it was confirmed that the singer's nose had rotted and had a hole in it, likely due to her cocaine addiction. The coroner had also diagnosed that one of her arteries was 60 percent blocked.

    Some might say Whitney’s look and style was also a big factor into her rise to stardom. The pop star never looked anything less than glamorous when out and about.

    From the high-octane glamour of the ‘80s to her more revealing ensembles in the latter part of her life, Whitney was a fashion icon. And in other exclusive pictures generated by Midjourney Whitney still looks as glamorous as ever.

    In the second snap, the I Have Nothing hitmaker rocks a stylish gown, similar to her ensembles from back in the day. Amping up the style, she looks beautiful and fresh-faced and finishes off her look with a fluffy jacket.

    In every single image, she beams to the camera flashing her famous smile and pearly whites. In the third picture, she’s performing on stage with a microphone- a nod to her legendary music status.

    Whitney was scheduled to appear at the annual pre-Grammy Awards party during the evening on the day she died. The event was hosted by her long-time mentor Clive Davis.

    On the day of her death, she'd complained of a sore throat and said she wanted to take a bath before Clive Davis' pre-Grammys party. But when her assistant returned from running errands at 3:35pm, she discovered the star's lifeless body lying in about 13 inches of scalding hot water.

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    Six hours after her death the temperature was still 33°C. And insiders said it could have been as hot as 66°C when she died, as evidenced by swathes of skin that had been burned off her back.

    A needle mark was discovered on her inner left elbow along with scars from breast implants and "the outlines of bilateral breast prosthesis." And the mother-of-one was also found to have had a wig sewn on to her existing hair.

    Although her eyebrows were described as 'sparse', beneath the headpiece which was "tightly attached," Whitney was bizarrely hiding a full head of black, wavy hair with 'no balding'.

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