The Crowns Olivia Colman has gone vanilla chai blonde in surprise transformation

Though the roles Olivia Colman plays in TV series and movies are diverse, her hair doesn't offend change – at least in terms of colour. We're so used to seeing the actress with her trademark brunette tresses that we did a bit of a double take this morning when we saw her pictured with a whole new look.

Stepping out this week for the Warner Bros. Pictures World Premiere of "Wonka" at The Royal Festival Hall, Olivia looks incredible with the new blonde colour and shorter crop. We also have to wonder if the 49-year-old has been getting into the festive spirit with this hair colour because experts are calling this exact tone a 'vanilla chai' blonde.

Set to be a big colour trend for 2024, vanilla chai hair has seen a 257% surge in Google searches ahead of the new year, so Olivia is definitely ahead of the trend. Though this chai colour was coined towards the end of 2018 by colourist Amy McManus, it's having a resurgence in popularity along with other season-sounding colours based around beverages.

Another colour even more tailored to this season is the 'pumpkin spice' hair trend that celebs are currently favouring. Taking the name from the popular drink, the pumpkin spice hues are full of warm brown tones, copper, and amber with some hints of strawberry blonde to keep everything multidimensional and less of a solid colour. Meanwhile, a chai vanilla blonde is more of a creamy shade that incorporates a light and cool blonde base, sometimes worn with a darker root.

Whatever we want to call this shade, there's no denying that Olivia is pulling it off to perfection. The Wonka and The Crown actress isn't the only celeb to undergo a drastic hair transformation this week. Lily Allen is also showing off a very different look thanks to some extra-long hair extensions and a Little Mermaid red shade.

Lily captions the Instagram reveal post with a simple mermaid emoji, and this symbol has prompted some fans to compare her new look to Ariel The Little Mermaid, while others are taking to the comment section to let the It's Not Fair singer know she suits the bold hue to a tee.

Considering other colours predicted to be big next year include 'bropper' – brown copper hair that edges towards a copper, but also doesn’t come with the maintenance of a full red shade – and mahogany, a type of berry with a purple undertone to it, Lily is also getting ahead of the game.

We wonder who will be going for a season makeover next!

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