Optical illusion is ‘strangely accurate’ at showing if you are kind or ambitious

This optical illusion promises to be able to tell if your friends and family consider you a kind-hearted soul or a more ambitious person. 

To begin, simply take a look at the picture and consider what is the first thing you see. You should either see a candle flame or a penguin. 

Whichever you see first should let you know if you are more focused on helping loved ones or someone driven by the life they want in the future. 

This fun brainteaser was first shared online by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has exploded in popularity on social media due to her unique psychological pictures which promise to tell you something about yourself. 

In Mia’s video comment section, people have praised Mia Yilin for her personality tests. One user wrote: “How does she always get it right? This was strangely accurate for me” while another person commented: “Wow this was so precise!”


If you first saw the flame, those around you admire your compassionate nature. You would do anything for your friends and family, and spend lots of time being there for other people.

Your kindness is very admirable, but make sure you are also making time for yourself and doing the things you wish to do. Make sure no one in your life is taking advantage of your good nature. 

Mia said: “You are a nurturing soul who is always putting other’s needs before your own. Taking care of your loved ones and doing nice things for them comes naturally to you, and it generally brings you joy. 

“Remember,  self-care and setting boundaries are crucial for maintaining your own peace and happiness.” 

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If you first saw a penguin, then you are a big dreamer. You are someone who is very creative and often spends lots of time thinking of your hobby or your goals for the future. You are quite clever and spend lots of time considering other people’s point of view. 

The people in your life admire you for your unique perspective on life and your interesting personality. However, make sure you do not spend too much time lost in thought rather than actually living your life, as it will make it more difficult to achieve what you want in life. 

Mia said: “You’re a visionary, always dreaming big and thinking outside of the box. Your innovative ideas and forward-thinking mindset set you apart from the crowd. 

“However, beware of getting too caught up in your imagination and make sure to prioritise action.” 

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