My Mum, Your Dad reunion! Stars of our fave show enjoy a makeover – and spill the beans on whos dating who

Six sensational women from the hit dating series My Mum, Your Dad oozed confidence as they received a full glam makeover courtesy of fashion brand JD Williams.

After catching up the night before with a few bottles of wine or so, stars of the show Janey, Caroline, Tolullah, Sharon, Monique and Natalie excitedly arrived at the studio for a day of pampering and partywear, with OK! there to join them. Joining them on the day was co-star Roger who accompanied Janey and proved he's very much the doting partner.

Clothing rails were filled with the new JD Williams collection, from cosy jumpers and leather-look leggings for daywear looks to blazers, sequin dresses and satin suits for evening wear. Described as "versatile" with "something for everyone" by Sharon, the women donned a series of ensembles from the collection which is "tailored for all different shapes and sizes".

The women of My Mum, Your Dad showed off their sensational styles as they beamed confidently in front of cameras." Excitement buzzed around the studio as partywear was captured ahead of the upcoming festivities, complete with glitter cannonballs and champagne bubbles.

The makeover finished with the women coming together for the ultimate girls' night in with a sea of velvet pyjamas and printed patterns. When chatting with the stars of the show in between shoots, sharing rooms during their time at the retreat on My Mum, Your Dad appeared to be a particular highlight.

"We were told when to go to bed and reverted back to being teenagers", shared Natalie. Before adding: "Me and Sharon would be in fits of laughter, we had deep talks and tears."

While Caroline admitted that she and Janey would be in their room "lying in bed and talking like kids". Tolullah later joined their room and Caroline confessed: "I think we used to drive Tolullah insane because Janey and I are a bit messy, we would just live out of our suitcases and clothes were everywhere."

Take a look at the women from My Mum, Your Dad and their stunning makeovers…

Janey, 47



Shop the look: Sosandar midi shirt dress, £79 here and leather boots, £95 here

On the day Janey was accompanied to the photoshoot with her partner Roger who she met on the show. Describing their relationship the 47 year old told us: "I feel like I’m going to wake up and it's all been a dream, we’re just happy in each other’s company and we laugh all the time."

Talking about the collection, Janey said: "It is versatile and I think it's great for my age, it seems very appropriate and I like the variety of it as well. I quite like bohemian and quite rocky, edgy stuff, I'm definitely that way so I was delighted to see there was quite a lot of that influence in there as well.

"I think there's something for everyone in there – I was really drawn to the bohemian vibes and the leather look leggings, so the collection is definitely me."

Caroline, 51



Shop the look: Nobody's Child cable knit jumper, £75 here and skinny jeans, £26 here

The 51 year old was put on My Mum, Your Dad by her daughter Karli and while she didn't find love, found a best friend in Clayton who she "talks to every day". Caroline explained that her usual style is jeans and t-shirts which she "lives in" before admitting to being rubbish "at doing hair and make-up."

Luckily for Caroline, the JD Williams collection offered a pair of "really comfy" jeans that "fitted lovely" along with a complete glam squad. Completing the day look Caroline wore a long cable knit grey jumper which she described as "brilliant for the winter, especially in Scotland".

While her style is usually "pretty casual" she tends to opt for dresses for a date night and on the shoot also donned a stunning navy sparkle dress from the collection. Talking about the outfit, Caroline said: "The dress will go down perfectly for my Christmas night out."

She added: "The collection is lovely, they’ve got a lot of nice classy stuff that can be casual or jazz it up for evening wear."

Tolullah, 50



Shop the look: Ted Baker jumper, £95 here and black skinny jeans, £26 here

Tolullah who has since received a flurry of positive messages since appearing on the show, described her usual style and said she "loves a square neck princess cut dress with a blazer over the top with rolled up sleeves", complete with a pair of chunky boots. So much so that she admitted to having gone on a recent date in the exact style.

With an eye for a mixture of styles and very much into fashion, Tolullah said: "The JD Williams collection has some really stand-out pieces for me, it's a really great collection and the main thing for me is that it has really good quality pieces."

Sharon, 53



Shop the look: Sosandar boucle blazer, £85 here and coated jeggings, £28 here

After her daughter Tia surprised her by putting her forward for the show, Sharon met Elliot and shared "It's going really well". She went on to share that "if things go according to plan" they'll move in together later down the line.

Describing the collection Sharon said: "It’s very versatile, suited for all trends, all different shapes and sizes and it’s very adaptable. You can dress items up or down and it tailors for all fashion tastes.

"When you get to a certain age it doesn’t mean you need to start wearing ankle-length skirts, the collection has something for everyone".

Swapping a stay at Elliot's Essex pad for a photo shoot in London, Sharon said her favourite outfit of the day was a short leather skirt, suede boots, black blazer and white shirt from JD Williams. "I felt really confident in it and would wear it out for a date with Elliott or a girls' night out for cocktails".

She added: "‘This is my staple, I have a wardrobe full of blazers in all different colours, I love a blazer and I love a blazer dress as well".

Monique, 50



Shop the look: Mango jacket, £80 here, coated jeggings, £28 here and black vest, £10 here

Despite not finding love on My Mum, Your Dad, Monique said she came out "with the best of friends" and it was a "once in a lifetime positive experience". The 50 year old described her usual style as "quite young and trendy", before adding "I often wonder if I should be wearing certain items, but I don't want to dress before my time, I like it to look very current".

A staple in Monique's wardrobe is a pair of leather look jeggings because you can "dress them up or dress them down" and she believes every woman should own some.

Talking about the collection she said: "There’s something for everybody, it’s current and trendy, makes you feel young. I felt confident, sexy and stylish wearing the outfits".

"There are lots of really adaptable pieces". Monique added that her favourite outfit of the day was her diamonte trousers because they were "really glam but comfortable".

Natalie, 44



Shop the look: Double breasted coat, £80 here, poplin shirt, £36 here, bootcut jeans, £38 here and white trainers, £32 here

The 44 year old who met Paul on the show but has since split, admitted "I dress for my mood" when it comes to fashion. When shown the JD Williams collection, Natalie said "I couldn't decide on what clothes I like best, I loved them all".

She went on to share that her style is most like Davina McColl's which she "loves" and who is the face of JD Williams. Adding a pop of colour on the day of the shoot, Natalie opted for the ultimate comfort daywear before switching to girl boss vibes in a statement satin suit co-ord.

JD Williams is the headline sponsor for the relationship show My Mum, Your Dad, and has launched a stylish date-ready collection with the stars of the show, designed to enable midlife women to feel confident, all season long, whatever their situationship. The TV show aired on ITV1, ITVX, and STV last month, and is available to watch on catch up.

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