Made in Chelseas Louise Thompson undergoes total hair transformation as she chops off long locks

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has undergone a major hair transformation ahead of the winter season.

The star, who has been known for her long brunette hair since appearing on the show, has decided to make the chop and opted for a “halfway bob”.

Sharing a video to her Instagram Story, Louise documented the moment in the hairdressers, starting from when she first sat in the chair and ran her fingers through her long hair. In the blink of an eye, the long hair was gone and Louise was left with a stunning shorter hairstyle.

The reality star captioned the video: “I’ve tucked my hair into T-shirts, jumpers and scarves for years…Last week I finally bit the bullet and got a (half way) bob. The funniest thing is all the male company I’ve kept (close friends and family members) who haven’t noticed A THING."

She continued: “I thought it was quite a dramatic change tbh. Next time maybe more? The real fun begins after that first hair wash at home because I have absolutely no idea how to style it. Tips in the comments please and thank you – this time I really mean it cos I need it."

The mum of one’s comments were quickly flooded with fans sending their compliments, as one penned: “Looks great! After washing comb through, pop some serum on and leave to air dry, then whilst mostly dry, pop into two buns and sleep in it. Give them a quick blast with the hair dryer in the am and take them out, nice wavy hair x”, while another added: “Love the shorter haircut on you. I love using a @ghdhair straighter to give it some loose tousled waves.”

A third penned: “Looks stunning Sleep with loose braids….bit of a beach wave style”, while another said: “LOVE it!!!! When my hair is a bit shorter, I love to half curl it leaving the ends a little straighter."

Louise’s latest post followed shortly after she shared an incredibly personal and emotional message to her fiancé Ryan Libbey in a tribute on her Instagram page.

The star often shares updates with her fans on her social media, including speaking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and in one of her most recent posts she shared a series of sweet snaps of them taking a stroll near their home in west London.

She wrote in the caption: "I needed you to hold my hand at a time when you couldn’t. I didn’t expect answers or fixing, instead I wanted physical contact. Or an ear. I appreciate back then you weren’t able to give me those things.”

She continued: "Things were too unpleasant for you too. But now you can. And we hold hands a lot.”

Louise went on to say that she'd received assistance and support from her coach on how to approach the concept of empathy, and came to the realisation that it was more about "listening" than anything else.

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