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THE families of feuding Big Brother duo Paul and Noky came face-to-face last night amid claims of bullying inside the house.

Noky's sister Tiny and Paul's mum Lisa were guests on Late & Live as each of the four contestants up for eviction tonight – Noky, Paul, Dylan and Trish – were represented by loved ones.

Favourites for the chop are Paul and Dylan, with the former coming under fire for his behaviour towards Noky, which included branding her "fake".

However, mum Lisa defended her boy and insisted he had a "heart of gold".

"I'm really proud of him," she told show host Will Best. "He's had a hard few years so he's just having loads of fun. I know he might rub people up the wrong way, keeping them up late and taking sweets, but he's had a rough time.

"I know he's had the arguments and little things like that, but I think he's just over-spilled. He's such a loving lad, he's got a heart of gold, we haven't seen that side of him yet."



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She then insisted that Paul liked Noky and that the bullying claims were overblown.

"I think he's always been brutally honest," she said. "I don't think he's got a problem with Noky. I think there's just been this one flare up and then it's been blown out of all proportion."

Noky's sister Tiny's face suggested she disagreed as she looked bemused by Lisa's assessment while sitting on the row below.

The mum continued: "I think they'll end up being pretty good friends. I really like Noky. She really stood up for him in the early weeks. I think it's one of those things, you have a blip in the house an argument, we're Scousers, we love an argument."

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Meanwhile Noky insisted her sibling isn't two-faced and is bearing the responsibility of being strong for other people.

Earlier in the week viewers begged bosses to step in after Noky broke down in tears.

She claimed security officer Paul, 23, had been "constantly" targetting her in the house during an emotional Diary Room chat with Big Brother.

Noky said: "He's made it no secret that he thinks I'm being fake based off of no evidence.

"I think he has made up his mind about me and no matter what I do he'll continue to take every action that I make and use it as a way to confirm his feelings.

"Even though I know that it has no bearing on who I am I don't believe that I should endure this constant accusations.

"I just want to have a fun and pleasant experience in here and I don't think he is going to let me do that."

Paul nominated Noky for eviction, and told the Diary Room: "I just feel like she has been talking behind my back about my personal life, and conspired to nominate me. I believe she's not being her genuine self."

Fans were not impressed and one said on X, formerly Twitter: "Don’t like how Big Brother are clearly allowing Paul to antagonise and bully Noky."

Another hit out: "I hate seeing Noky & Trish being targeted…big brother has made the most vulnerable people in the house targets for bullying and the vile attacks of Paul, Dylan and Olivia."

Another remarked: "If I was Noky I would report that wierdo to big brother."

Paul screamed at Olivia and Noky last week when they laughed at him while he was dressed as an ant.

He told them both to "f**k off" before storming away.

Paul eventually made up with Scottish housemate Olivia and told her he felt more comfortable around her because they had "banter".

Viewers saw Noky crying in the Diary Room after the shock of their row but she defended Paul, saying he was "tired" when he shouted.

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Big Brother live feed axed after HUGE row erupts and housemate is heard screaming

He also attempted to justify his outburts by calling Noky "fake" to the other housemates.

Paul finally apologised to Noky and told her she made him feel "small" when she laughed at him.

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