The Repair Shops Amanda admits restoration was worse than anticipated

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The Repair Shop stars Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell were given the task of fixing Wol the owl during a classic episode of the BBC series. However, the teddy was far worse off than they had originally thought.

As she walked into the barn, the guest explained: “I have brought my owl, he is a bit damaged and very tatty.

“I remember getting Wol for Christmas when I was just two. I remember waking up on Christmas morning at my grandma’s house and looking over and Wol was in the top of the stocking and it was just love at first sight.

“Wol is a bit of a talisman for me and connects me to my grandmother because she fixed him so often.

“Even though I lost her, I kind of hold him and I’ve still got her and yeah that’s very special. For me, part of his mankiness makes him, so I don’t want him back in any way perfect, I would like him to be future-proof.”

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Amanda told the guest that he would be in safe hands, before saying goodbye and getting a closer look at the owl.

She explained: “Oh Wol look at you, he is definitely going to need lining. I think to keep that nice, soft squishiness we’re going to need to use fleece.

“The felt pieces on him need renewing, so beak, feet and maybe just tidy up around the eyes,” before Julie added: “Dear little Wol.

“He is so sweet, I’m looking to see the best way to open him up to remove all his old stuffing then we will be able to line him.”

Getting to work Amanda soon admitted: “I’ve got the felt pieces of Wol here. I’ve got the feet, the beak and the eyes.

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“They’re in a pretty bad way so what I’m trying to do is lay the pieces flat, unpick the original stitching and see if I can make some sense out of what shape they used to be.

“Gosh… my goodness, it is certainly worse than I anticipated but I have a shape there I think,” however the ladies managed to work their magic and bring Wol back to life.

Returning to the barn to collect Wol, he was unveiled and she expressed: “I missed him. Oh my goodness look at him, can I touch him?

“Gosh I have missed you, that is just amazing. You take something that is so precious from my past, and you enable me to take that into my future.

“And it is such a git and I am so greatful. It was quite a big thing to leave him and it is such a joy to have back, it is ridiculos how attached I am to him.”

The Repair Shop airs weekdays from 4:30pm on BBC One.

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