Poldark and Andor actor Kyle Soller stars as Hillinghead in Bodies on Netflix

Bodies: Official trailer

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bodies on Netflix

Bodies has reached the top of Netflix’s global chart after the time travel series landed recently.

The show takes its cue from Si Spencer’s graphic novel Bodies and follows four detectives across a quartet of time periods trying to solve the case of a mysterious body appearing in Whitechapel’s Longharvest Lane.

The show has been compared to Netflix’s Dark and has an equally large cast and a twisty ending.

The earliest time period is 1890 with detective Alfred Hillinghead (played by Kyle Soller) trying to solve the case as he also pursues the mysterious Sir Julian Harker (Stephen Parker), who is somehow connected to the corpse.

Who plays Hillinghead in Bodies?

American star Kyle Soller takes on the role of Hillinghead with the actor perhaps best known for his role as the tragic Francis Poldark in the BBC series Poldark.

The role propelled him firmly into the spotlight with the actor also appearing in Brexit: The Uncivil War, 101 Dalmatians and the podcast series The Lovecraft Investigations.

Prior to appearing in Bodies, Soller starred in the Disney Plus and Star Wars series Andor as Syril Karn.

Some of his other previous roles include Anna Karenina, The Titan, The Secret of Marrowbone, You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Bodies creator Paul Tomalin knew early on he wanted Soller to take on the closeted Victorian detective Hillinghead.

Addressing the casting process, Tomalin said: “With Hillinghead and Whiteman we knew who we wanted from the get-go and we got ‘em!”

Tomalin continued: “As a Star Wars geek myself, seeing him in Andor then seeing him in the rushes play this complex Victorian character shows just what a versatile, nuanced, intelligent presence he is.”

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Soller also addressed preparing for the role of Hillinghead, saying he read John Addington Symonds’ memoir, who was also a closeted man living in Victorian England.

The actor said of the memoir: “He was so naked in his descriptions of his inner life and turmoil, and the memoir even includes some diary entries from his wife.”

He also spoke about Hillinghead’s forbidden romance with photographer and journalist Henry Ashe (George Parker).

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Soller said: “He loves his family desperately, then he meets the very charming and talented photographer Henry Ashe and it’s pure love. Alfred has a lot of boundaries and a lot of scaffolding around his life.

“He’s protecting his family, his wife and his daughter, but Henry opens him up and allows him to get in touch with his heart.

“It’s interesting because it wasn’t that long ago that homosexuality was decriminalised in England and we think of the Victorian area as being really far away, but it wasn’t.”

Bodies is streaming on Netflix now

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