Jimmy Saviles sickening crime Steve Coogan refused to film for The Reckoning

Steve Coogan has revealed he refused to shoot one of Jimmy Savile’s sickening crimes while filming The Reckoning.

The new BBC drama made its debut on TV screens last week week and follows the disgraced peadophille’s life. Steve has taken on the role of Jimmy for the series which sheds light on how he avoided justice.

The sex offender got away with his hideous crimes against women girls and boys for decades. And it was only in 2012, a year after his death, that it emerged that he'd sexually bused hundreds of people during his life.

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Steve, who is best known for his comedy character Alan Partridge, underwent a complete transformation to play the DJ and TV presenter. However, he has revealed that there was a scene in the original script that he didn’t want to act out.

“There was a certain shot they wanted to do that I didn’t want to do,” he said. Steve added: "It was just a detail that I was uncomfortable with, so I had a conversation with the director and we came to an agreement on what was the most appropriate way to depict it.”

The harrowing scene is set in a mortuary at a Leeds hospital where Jimmy visited often. So much so, that he is said to have had his own bedroom there.

Jimmy can be seen placing his hand under the sheet that’s covering a corpse of an elderly woman. Describing the scene as “really disturbing”, Steve said: “What can you say? It’s as disturbing as it looks."

The actor noted how he took on the role of Jimmy in the series, which took two years to produce, because the sex offender’s survivors were involved. Speaking to the BBC, he said: "It’s crucial that when making a drama like this you walk side-by-side with the people whose experiences you are depicting. That’s the grown-up and responsible way to do this.”

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“Having the participation and endorsement of so many was absolutely crucial to the process, and everyone has made sure this was handled sensitively. That’s why it’s taken a long time for the series to get to screen – you can’t just chuck it out there, you’ve got to do it properly, and be fastidious and diligent. To not do that would be a dereliction of our duty."

Those who have watched the show have heaped on the praise to Steve. Rushing over to X, formerly known as Twitter, many were left stunned at his performance.

One said: “The Reckoning is harrowing watch. Coogan is absolutely brilliant as Savile.” Someone else added: “Steve Coogan nailed his performance.”

Echoing their thoughts, a third mused: “Unbelievable what Savile got away with and how so many people enabled him. truly shocking. Steve Coogans performance is chilling.” Another viewer proclaimed: “ Bloody hell. Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Savile is incredible. It’s unnerving. Yet brilliant.”

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