Jack is horrified by Lily and Ricky's behaviour with their baby in EastEnders

Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is given a glimpse into what the next few months are going to be like as Ricky (Frankie Day) and Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) adapt to being parents in EastEnders.

Lily and Ricky are now mum and dad to baby Charli. The pregnancy journey for these two was challenging to say the least. Because Lily and Ricky are so young, they faced multiple meetings with people from social services as they both had to prove they’d be capable of looking after a baby with help from their families.

Coming up, after a sleepless night courtesy of Charli, Lily convinces Stacey and Eve (Heather Peace) to go to work and let her take care of her baby daughter instead.

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Reluctantly, Stacey agrees, but disaster strikes when Lily and Ricky go out and Jack catches them messing around with the young tot.

Marching over to Stacey, Jack throws accusations about and, mortified, she drags Lily home.

During another meeting with the social worker, Stacey and Lily pretend that everything is fine which is picked up on by Jean (Gillian Wright), who then tells Stacey it’s best to not be so heavy-handed with Lily, as letting her make mistakes and learn is best.

But can the family adapt?

Or will Jack take action again, causing even more stress for the Slater household?

‘I think Stacey was always going to be hands on with Lily and the baby, but she’s even more overprotective than she would have been because she keeping all of those anxieties about Theo under wraps’, Lacey Turner said.

‘Stacey just wants to make sure that Lily is being supported, because she understands how daunting it all must be. Lily is still her baby so she wants to help in any way that she can to make sure that she isn’t overwhelmed.’

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