ITV Emmerdale fans twig huge DNA twist as they work out who killed Craig

Fans of Emmerdale seem to think a new Dingle character could be on the horizon after Craig Reed's lifeless body was found at the end of Friday night's show (October 27).

The Dingles are about to be involved in a huge whodunit storyline after viewers were left none the wiser regarding who may have killed Craig. Although the businessman appeared to win most of the family over when he first appeared in the Dales, things took a sinister turn when Craig raped Lydia.

Although Lydia was keen for justice to prevail, she didn't want a member of her family to kill Craig which she will make clear when the Dingles are locked in The Woolpack. On Friday's show, a series of montages were shown to viewers which included Belle, Charity, Nate, Vinny, Mandy, Caleb, Chas, Marlon, Cain, Aaron and Sam as they all appear to be suspects.

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But fans seemed to think another DNA twist could be on the cards as they predict it might not be any of the characters involved in the montage. Taking to X, formerly known as Twiter, one viewer said: "They need to introduce a new Dingle, a secret Caleb child, that Faith had secretly been seeing that now had Craig killed, after watching from the outside. However I think it will end up being the receptionist."

Meanwhile, some fans noticed that Samson was not in any of the montage footage. Sharing their taking they wrote: "My moneys on Samson, the only one it didn't show in the suspect list #emmerdale #whodunit"

While another echoed: "Who killed Craig? Probably none of them that was in the Pub. I'm thinking it's Samson." And a third added: "My money is on Samson #Emmerdale!"

However, some viewers seem to think that no Dingle was involved in Craig's murder, with others pointing their finger at Craig's receptionist. Taking to X, one person wrote: "Fantastic episode set up for next week. The actors doing a really good job.

"The foreshadowing really awesome. Craig is dead but I bet the killer is probably someone the audience doesn't suspect. I am guessing Craig's receptionist, she killed him."

Discussing the upcoming scenes, Emmerdale Producer Laura Shaw said: "In an unmissable special week for Emmerdale, we focus on Soaps most loved family, the Dingles, as Lydia attempts to find out who killed Craig. Expertly and innovatively directed by Gary Williams, the infamous Woolpack becomes centre stage for the group of Dingles gathered to reveal their alibis… or no alibi as the case may be!"

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