Im A Celeb fans work out Nella Roses game plan as they spot trial clue

Fans of I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! have been left in a speculative mood, as they're convinced Nella Rose failed her latest trial "on purpose".

On Tuesday night's show (November 28), YouTuber Nella and Champion Jockey Frankie Dettori took part in a gruesome trial at the Misery Motel. Attempting to win coins to spend in the jungle vending machine, Frankie was tasked with reading out numbers in the dark while he laid down flat in a glass contraption filled with snakes.

Meanwhile, Nella was in a room next door in a similar position. Nella was tasked with listening to Frankie's numerical codes and trying to find the correct code to unlock the ten padlocks in front of her.

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But things didn't go to plan for the pair as presenters Ant and Dec continued to remind them that they were running out of precious time. With Frankie shouting out numbers to Nella, the 26-year-old failed to unlock any of the padlocks in front of her which resulted in the pair receiving no coins.

Once released from their snake pits, Ant and Dec asked Nella and Frankie what went wrong. Nella explained that although the snakes didn't phase her, she just couldn't find the right code for any of the padlocks.

But after seeing Frankie and Nella's failed but comical attempt, fans at home were convinced that perhaps Nella didn't want to try in the task. Some also believed that it may have been a tactic to ensure she wouldn't be voted to do another trial any time soon.

Taking to X formerly known as Twitter, fans shared their opinions on the task. One viewer said: "Nella’s doing this on purpose to try not to get voted for a trial again."

Another penned: "Are we sure Nella isn’t secretly tasked with failing on purpose." A third agreed: "I feel like Nella did that on purpose- to try and instill us to not vote for her in the next trial."

While a fourth perplexed fan added: "Ummm not to bash Nella, but did she do that on purpose so they didn’t get the coins??? Maybe she thinks people won’t vote for her if she fails, or maybe visa versa."

At the end of last night's episode, Ant and Dec announced that Nella was exempt from the next trial. Dec said: "Now unfortunately, Nella is being seen by the medic so she'll be back later, but it means she's now exempt from this trial. So let's go in there and see who will be doing it."

But since then, the YouTube star has rejoined camp. A new statement from ITV said: "During last night's live broadcast, Nella Rose required medical treatment on site and was deemed unable to take part in the trial. Nella has since rejoined camp."

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