I would manipulate Big Brother to get more alcohol – and it worked

Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola McLean knew exactly how to get her own way on the show.

The TV star had entered the house three times and had grown to learn how to manipulate producers. In order to get more booze, Nicola would know exactly what buttons to push in order to receive an extra allowance of alcohol.

Nicola explained: "So I would get them to give us more drinks. I'd be like 'I'm just going to bed I'm not going to drink then' and then all of a sudden, the store room would shut and then it would open again and we'd all have more booze. Yeah, we were all quite good at it, Heidi and Spencer were good at it as well.

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"Like because we all drank s*** loads in there like we really did. The amount that they thought was acceptable wasn't acceptable for us.

"We were the ones that had a bit of pull so we'd sort of take turns to go in the diary room and I'd say +'Well, that's it. We're not drinking anymore'. And they would panic and go get us some, it always worked."

Nicola also revealed she knows who will win the ITV show as the final will be aired tonight (November 17). Noky, Jordan, Yinrun, Olivia, or Henry are left – but Nicola says it's "obvious" who will take the top spot.

She predicted: "I really want Jordan to win and I think he will because he's so funny. No one in there is as funny as him, so I think that's what will do it. Obviously, his love triangle situation has been a major part of the series as well, so I think that will also come into it.

"I did want Trish to win but and was gutted when she left as I thought she was a clear winner. But after her rogue and racist tweets have been exposed. I'm glad she left."

After Trish was evicted, a series of resurfaced tweets came to light where she posted content of a racist and homophobic nature and has since come under fire from fans.

Big Brother airs Sunday to Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm

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