Gogglebox star living off loans from famous friends that they dont pay back

Former Gogglebox star Sandra Martin has shared an insight into what life is like after appearing on the E4 show, admitting she currently isn't working and lives off loans.

The 61 year old, who has shared her heartbreak following the death of her beloved sister, first joined the cast of Gogglebox in 2013 with friend Sandi Bogle, 58. The duo proved to be a hit with TV viewers and soon found themselves attending red carpet events and getting stopped by fans in the street.

Despite their Gogglebox success, pub owner Sandi quit the E4 show in 2016 after appearing in nine series.

Sandi's decision to exit came after she was offered the chance to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. She also went on to do other TV work including Celebrity Fat Fighters.

Meanwhile Sandra stayed on Gogglebox until 2017, with her daughter replacing her best friend, but decided to leave to pursue other work. She’s since appeared on First Dates and Loose Women.

Four years after her exit, Sandra wound up back on benefits as her TV work dried up, as she's now revealed that she isn't working at all. The 61 year old has revealed that while she does lots of special guest appearances at events, she is only "paid expenses".

She told The Sun: "Because I am not working at the moment. I don't work, so I can't get paid. But they pay for my expenses, the hotels. Someone took me to Amsterdam and Ibiza – I get a lot of free trips, I'm just not getting paid."

The ex-Gogglebox star said her finances are now "very well" thanks to "crisis loans" which she doesn't pay back. She continued: "I get celebrity loans. No, they don't get paid back, I don't give it back."

Sandra also told the publication that she is renting a private property in Hastings currently, which is also "free". She said she gets "free money" which "everyone knows" about.

Sandra previously told how her Gogglebox fame had helped her to fund a "luxury lifestyle". She claimed she "got more than everybody else" and all of her household bills, including rent and council tax, were covered.

“That left me with about £500 a week to do what I wanted – hair, taxis, nails, takeaways. I was living a luxury lifestyle," she previously told The Sun.

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