Gogglebox couple row on live TV as they leave GMB fans divided over housework chores app

Gogglebox stars Marcus Luther and Mica Venna battled it out over household chores on Friday's Good Morning Britain as they debated a new app, but viewers were split over the issue too.

Starling bank has launched a household chores app that allows users to assign jobs around the home and keep track of who has been pulling their weight, which Mica thought was a great idea – but husband Marcus didn't agree.

Asked whether he thought the app was a good idea, Marcus said: "Well if you want another mother, then you might as well get the app. But I don't want another mother, I've already got one over there."

Mica looked taken aback as she said: "Oh, so I'm like a mum?"

Marcus answered: "Well that's how it is in relationships and marriage, it's like having a mum, especially when someone's telling you to clean up all of the time.

"She's outvoted because the kids stand with me. Nobody wants an app. We're always going to be in the wrong, you're the only one that's going to be in the right."

Mica shot back: "No, me and the app! I want in, I want to download that now. I wouldn't have to micromanage, I could look on the app and see have you done your bit, it would notify me that you haven't done your bit."

But Marcus made hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins laugh with a cheeky joke as Mica claimed he wasn't doing enough chores in the garden.

He said: "I've been married to you for many years, more years than I would have done on a life sentence and there are better ways than this app for me to trim your bush and mow your lawn."

Mica admitted that there was "slamming of cupboards and flaring of nostrils" in their house when she felt that Marcus wasn't doing enough chores, but a poll of GMB viewers showed that 76% thought the app would be likely to cause trouble.

One viewer commented on X: "Chances are we already know the answer. I don’t need an app"

Someone else asked: "Why do they think anyone needs that?"

Another viewer wrote: "Who needs a calculator for doing this ? Surely you know yourself if your other half isn't pulling their weight. Either put your foot down or get rid. Simple really"

Someone else added: "It’s disgusting you should not have to do this it’s give and take not this rubbish everyone should muck in help what a load of toddle"

But one fan commented: "I love Marcus , I’d do all the cleaning for him."

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