EastEnders legend could leave Walford in surprise exit amid offer of new luxury lifestyle

EastEnders has been full of drama in recent weeks, from Cindy Beales' return to Lilly Slater giving birth, and it looks set to continue.

In another dramatic twist, legendary character Sharon Watts could be about to leave Walford after spending 38 years on the square.

Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, 55, will be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity next week by boxing promoter Dorian.

He offers her the chance to leave the Boxing Den behind and go to Abu Dhabi, telling her that it will "set her up for life."

At first, the businesswoman dismisses the offer, but as she thinks about it further, she becomes intrigued by the chance to head to the United Arab Emirates.

Could she be about to leave her life behind and make the switch?

One thing that could keep Sharon in London is her young son, Albie Watts, who she shares with Keanu Taylor.

She and Keanu split recently, after she helped Lisa Fowler escape the Square and take Keanu's child, Peggy, with her.

Sharon is also part of the six women who have been involved in the flashforward episode which aired earlier this year.

The episode looked ahead to the festive season, as Sharon, Linda Carter, Stacey Slater, Denise Fox, Kathy Cotton and Suki Panesar stand in a very Christmassy Queen Vic.

A man is on the floor of the pub dead, and Sharon is wearing a white wedding dress, kneeling down over the body.

Denise is holding a broken bottle as she stares at the body, and Stacey has blood on her hands.

It is not yet known who Sharon is getting married to, but she was engaged to Keanu before they split.

Elsewhere in Walford next week, tensions rise between Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater as she returns from a short break away.

Kat is furious when she finds out that Phil has been keeping Alfie Moon's cancer scare from her.

Sharon tries to calm the situation down, and as a result, Kat decides to give Phil another chance.

Phil has been helping Alfie through his cancer scare by going with him for hospital appointments and listening to his worries.

Alfie was scared to tell anyone what might be wrong with him, but he found the courage to open up to Phil.

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