Corrie fans predict Tim downfall as they grow concerned over horror flashbacks

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    Coronation Street viewers have been left increasingly concerned for Tim Metcalfe following his tragic ordeal with serial murderer, Stephen Reid.

    Earlier this month, Tim was almost Stephen's last victim as he tried to kill him when Tim discovered the truth about his murders. After a physical fight, Tim received a fatal injury to the head and was placed unconscious in the boot of his taxi.

    Tim was not discovered for at least two days but luckily he was still alive. But since his discovery, Tim has been suffering from flashbacks and PTSD.

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    And fans seem to think it could end badly for the taxi driver. On Monday night (October 23) they were begging him to seek professional help before his mental health plummets or he gets himself into more trouble.

    Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, one viewer wrote: "I feel sorry for Tim, the flashbacks are horrible, he needs professional help…"

    Another fan wrote: "I reckon Tim will have another breakdown/flashback while driving." A third chimed: "Has no-one offered Tim any support."

    A fourth concerned viewer said: "Tim needs to get professional help with his PTSD."And a fifth added: "Is Tim okay to drive? Those flashbacks are not good."

    Although Tim was asked whether he was OK, he assured those around him that he was doing well. But it was clear that Tim was struggling with the aftermath of Stephen's terrible reign of terror.

    But later on, fans were left concerned for Tim once again after his mum Elaine and his wife Sally appeared to ignore his change of behaviour. Heading over to X again, one social media user said: "As if it wouldn’t even occur to Sally & Elaine that Tim would be suffering trauma- you don’t need to be Freud to figure that out."

    While another chimed: "Why would Sally & Elaine even think someone would be ok to drive after severe trauma and head injury ffs? Gagging for Tim to flip out and yell, 'I WAS KIDNAPPED AND BATTERED ALMOST TO DEATH, YOU SILLY HAGS."'

    After almost two years, Stephen was finally uncovered as a serial murder. But before he could receive justice he was killed in a car accident when Peter Barlow ran him over intentionally.

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