Coronation Street icon stuns fans with surprise return

There was an unexpected appearance from a beloved cast member in Monday (September 11)’s episode of Coronation Street, when Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) persuaded Tyrone (Alan Halsall) that he needed to keep his wife Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) briefed about the latest goings-on in Weatherfield.

Last week Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and Tyrone were shocked to find Tyrone’s mum, Cassie (Claire Sweeney), slumped in the street after having overdosed. Cassie then manipulated Tyrone into taking her side against Evelyn, who warned him that he needed to put his daughters first and keep Cassie away from them. The result was that Tyrone decided to let Cassie stay at his house, while Evelyn packed her bags and moved to the precinct flat.

In this episode, Evelyn spoke to Fiz on the phone and, following this conversation, she told Tyrone that he should really tell Fiz what had been going on with Cassie because she had a right to know about things that affected her daughter.

Evelyn was not going to take no for an answer from Tyrone. ‘I’ll say it again – this time in Romanian,’ she insisted, alluding to Tyrone’s affair with Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) and how much devastation could be caused by keeping secrets. ‘Fiz has a right to know the facts,’ Roy (David Neilson) agreed.

Fiz is currently living in Norfolk, where she took a high-paid job as supervisor in an Underworld factory. This storyline was to cover for Jennie McAlpine’s absence as she went on maternity leave.

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So as Tyrone settled down to make the call as his gran insisted, it was a huge and very pleasant surprise to see Fiz herself on his laptop screen as the couple shared a video call.

We saw just the end of the call, after Tyrone had apparently explained about Cassie and Fiz had given her blessing to his decision to let his mum stay under the same roof as Hope and Ruby (Billie Naylor).

‘I can’t wait to see you,’ Fiz concluded. ‘Ring me any time you need.’

Even though Tyrone had only made the call on Evelyn’s insistence, it was a lovely chance to see Fiz briefly and for the show to keep up the connection between Tyrone and Fiz even though they’re currently apart.

Jennie gave birth to her third child, Doris, in April this year, although because the episodes are recorded months in advance, Fiz didn’t leave the show until May.

Doris is a little sister for Albert and Hilda, Jennie’s other children with her husband Chris Farr. She explained the choice of the new baby’s name recently, saying: ‘Doris is a family name and I love that it goes with Albert and Hilda. They’re also all very “Corrie.”’

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