Big Brother fans confused by Kerry’s dramatic reaction to rule break

Big Brother: Olivia and Hallie exposed for secret messages

The latest episode of Big Brother saw the entire house find out that two housemates had broken the show’s rules this week.

However, it was Kerry’s reaction to the news that truly baffled viewers at home.

Fans may recall Hallie and Olivia communicating by drawing names on each other’s backs during the latest round of nominations.

In the tense scenes, Big Brother confirmed to the house: “This is Big Brother. Before you entered the house, the Big Brother rules were explained to you.

“The rules state that you may not attempt to communicate in code or write in messages. Yesterday this rule was broken by Hallie and Olivia.”

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Big Brother continued: “Olivia, you said to Hallie, ‘Write me secret messages on my back’. Hallie, you wrote on Olivia’s back.”

After Hallie reacted by nervously laughing, this led Kerry to exclaim: “It’s not funny!”

But Kerry appeared to seem more shocked than she should have been. Viewers were confused, as they had seen Big Brother reveal that Olivia told Kerry about the secret messages.

Kerry had also been sat right next to the duo when they were taking part in the rule-breaking.

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In another scene, Kerry even admitted to ignoring Hallie and Olivia breaking the rules as she didn’t want to draw any attention to it.

So, why did she appear so shocked when Big Brother delivered the news that two housemates had discussed their nominations?

Viewers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on Kerry’s bizarre reaction.

One wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Kerry acting shocked… girl you were right there #bbuk!”

While another added: “Kerry was acting shocked when she knew all along #bbuk!”

A third highlighted: “Kerry was literally talking to Hallie and Olivia while they were doing the coded messages… why is she acting all high and mighty right now #BBUK!”

As the housemates began to come to grips with what the pair had done, Hallie clarified that she “said Zak was a gameplayer,” and that she thought Matty had nominated her, both Zak and Henry found themselves up for elimination.

After the rule break had been announced by Big Brother, the duo were ultimately punished. Both Hallie and Olivia were sent to a jail that had been set up in the garden, where they had to change into orange uniforms and sit in the rain.

Big Brother continues weeknights on ITV2 from 9pm.

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