Jodie Marsh praises her boobs for keeping animal shelter afloat and staff paid

Jodie Marsh has confessed that her boobs have been the lifeboat behind her animal shelter.

The 44-year-old ex-glamour model revealed that her breasts had quite literally been assets in saving her Fripps Farm rescue centre. The star confessed that sharing her snaps online had provided her with £60,000 to build fences at the sanctuary in Chelmsford, Essex.

Having left her former lad mag and Page 3 career in the past for some time, Jodie knew that she'd have to start pulling in some serious funds if she had any hope of continuing to support all of the animals in her community. With crippling overheads, she turned to the adult site to help with cash flow.

It proved to be a lucrative decision for the former Celebrity Big Brother star as she stripped off in front of the camera to pack in the funds to help pay for her staff. Among other necessities.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jodie particularly gave thanks to her ample chest for being the backbone behind her Community Interest Company (C.I.C). She said: 'My boobs paid the staff's wages!'

Jodie added: "The perimeter fence alone for securing the animals cost £60,000 so I had to pay for that with OnlyFans. My boobs paid for the fences and they also paid the staff's wages!"

It isn't just OnlyFans that has made a difference with staggering costs – and an influx of animals to help – but the kindness from the general public, with £20,000 banked from asking people just to donate £1 to Fripps.

At the moment, Jodie needs £16,000 a month just to make ends meet which is a "tough" ask given the climate and cost of living crisis. Thankfully donations and OnlyFans have so far been her saving grace.

Jodie also confessed that she had zero problem with putting online critics in their place when it came to them questioning "why she is getting her boobs out." Explaining "I have a brain" and "saw it as the quickest way to make money".

Before turning to the world of glamour, Jodie attended a private school and walked away with 11 GCSEs. The fact that she was well educated let the TV star ponder if that's why people didn't warm to her in the beginning.

She went on to the same publication: " Actually I think that some people hate me in the start because they were like, "Well if she's so clever, why is she getting her boots out?

"But I saw it as the quickest way to make lots of money actually. For me, it was a clever move because it was something I could do really easily and really quickly to raise lots and lots of money for myself."

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