Optical illusion has lines and black dots – but its impossible to see at once

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    Optical illusions can be fun and exciting , but often difficult to solve.

    Some can be a good way to test your eyesight, while others work wonders for your intelligence. Now if you're after a mind-boggling puzzle, you've come to the right place.

    The tricky image was created by Jackpotjoy where it shows criss-crossing blue lines with nine black dots located between them. But the experts reckons it's "impossible" to see them all at once.

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    So how does it work? Once you figure out what's actually happening, make sure you let us know in the comments section below!

    Wherever you focus on the image, you'll only see the dots on the same horizontal line – the others above or below will disappear before your eyes.

    The disappearing and reappearing dots may be due to humans' peripheral vision, which is what we see outside our direct line of sight.

    If you can spot all nine dots at once, it could mean you have better than average peripheral vision!

    Looking for more optical illusions? We've got you covered.

    Previously, an optical illusion with hidden animals baffled people as only certain players could spot them all. With this, your observational skills will be tested as you must find the three cats within the penguins and snowmen.

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    Over on social media dirty-minded people were left giggling at an optical illusion involving a couple. The image shows a smitten couple holding hands at the park.

    Also an optical illusion challenged people as they were asked to find all 13 hidden animals in 19 seconds. The creativity-based thinking puzzle is good once solved as it helps with problem-solving.

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