Im 6ft3 and finally found a man who can handle me – so many lads are insecure

A woman who's 6ft3 revealed she's finally found a man who can handle her lofty height.

Lizzy Groombridge, 29, from Cornwall, has had to deal with insecure boyfriends in the past who banned her from wearing high heels. However, at last, she found the love of a man nearly half-a-foot shorter than her who is confident enough to handle her height.

The beauty found love on Tinder with electrical CEO James Hitchens, 30, who is 5ft8 and wears a size nine shoe. He 'doesn't care' about Lizzy's height and says she is in fact the first woman taller than him he has ever dated.

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Social media marketing manager Lizzy always felt insecure when dating because the societal stigma attached to taller ladies and the expectation that the man should be taller. The blonde, who sports a size seven shoe and size 10 dress size, claims she had a 'limited pool of people to choose from'.

Lizzy found men shorter than her did not want to step outside of what society viewed as ‘normal’ and date someone taller than them. However, she actually loves shorter guys and says she wanted to be loved for who she is and not just her height.

“I have genetics to thank for my height, my great grandparents were tall,” said Lizzy. “Dating in the past wasn’t always easy, for many years I felt insecure and as though I didn’t fit in. I struggled meeting genuine people, especially with the stigma of men should be taller, it limited me as many males don’t step away from their comfort zone or what they think society accepts as ‘normal’.

“I have had relationships where my partner wouldn’t be so comfortable around me, especially in public. For example, I couldn’t wear heels with them.

“I wanted to be treated and respected the same as any other person would, regardless of my height. I don’t go for guys who are only interested due to my height. I’m me, I’m worth more and have much more depth to me other than my height difference."

Lizzy said she often got chatted up, but said that the 'chase became boring'. "I’m just a normal woman, despite my height, I’m just me," she said.

Because of her height, Lizzy struggles with things many take for granted like clothes shopping. “Tights and clothing are a big problem for taller women, which is why I am currently working on my own tights and clothing range,” she said. “People often look at my feet in disbelief.”

Lizzy was insecure about her height when she was younger, but has now learned to embrace it. “I had many insecure years but it’s made me who I am and I've embraced it," she said. "It has allowed me to help empower others. I spent my childhood feeling insecure, and different. I was bullied and beaten down.

“Kids would call me names like lanky, bean pole, green giant I tried to structure myself in a slumped smaller posture to try and ‘fit in’, Generally now I've accepted myself which has allowed me to give confidence and self worth to other women. I’ve had women thank me for boosting their confidence and help make a ‘socially abnormal’ situation seem more normal.”

Lizzy and her partner James, say they're 'very happy' together, but admit they've been met with judgement at times in their relationship. They choose to ignore any hate though and focus on the positive.

“My partner has not dated a taller woman before, I am his first," said Lizzy. "He is very open about the fact many women only date men taller than them. We have very similar views and he likes me for who I am.

“Sometimes, we do get a negative reaction to us as a couple it is mostly just arrogance and expecting me to leave my boyfriend for the tallest guy in the room. No thanks.

“I have also had a lot of positives, I am lucky to attract people who genuinely respect me, my path and look up to me. I like helping people.

“Some people thank us for making a socially abnormal thing ‘normal’ but height should not factor in love. Be you, we’re all built in a unique way, embrace it.”

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