I was born without a uterus – mum offered to donate her womb so I can have tot

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    A woman born without a uterus hopes to become a parent thanks to her mum who offered to be her womb donor.

    Dannielle Maydom has Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a rare disorder which impacts the female reproductive system. The MRKH condition means the 28-year-old was born without a uterus, leaving her unable to have children of her own.

    But this year her mum Erica Turner, 48, said she would donate her womb to her daughter. It would potentially see Dannielle's growing a baby inside the same womb her parent did.

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    Dannielle is currently single but hopes to become a mum one day.

    Erica, from Hertfordshire, said: "I have five kids and don't want anymore. Being Dannielle's mum, hopefully I would be a good match for her. I'd do or give anything for my children – if it helps.

    "I would find it amazing if Dannielle had her own child through my womb."

    Meanwhile her cousin, Jeanette, 39, has also offered her helping hand to be Dannielle's surrogate.

    Dannielle added: "Me and my cousin Jeanette are very close. But when she told me she would me a surrogate for me if I wanted, I was overcome with emotion. It's all so exciting."

    The hairdresser first realised something might be wrong at 16 when she didn't get her period, so went to the doctor.

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    During the appointment, her mum, Erica, mentioned she was a "late bloomer" at 15. And at first, the doctor suggested Dannielle wait a few years to see if her periods would start later.

    Dannielle said: "I just knew something wasn't right. It is one of the strangest, most unsettling feelings."

    On her 18th birthday, Dannielle scheduled a second appointment with a doctor where she received devastating news.

    She revealed: "I can remember sitting with my mum and the doctor, and being told I had no uterus. I ran out of the room to try and find the most isolated space and sobbed for about 20 minutes.

    "After my diagnosis I didn't leave my house for months. My dad, Stephen, was 39 when he passed away. I was 10 years old and I was his only child.

    "The thought of me never being able to carry on his bloodline haunted me."

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    Dannielle spent the last 10 years processing and grieving for the future.

    MRKH syndrome is rare – affecting around one in 4,500 women in the UK. So she's never met someone with the same condition.

    But Dannielle has been emboldened by news of the UK's first ever successful womb transplant. And she has since contacted a member of the team who carried out the transplant in the hopes of getting a referral.

    She concluded: "It's so exciting. I would do pretty much anything to experience my own period and eventually carry on my family tree.

    "I really feel like this year has been a huge turning point, with my cousin's amazing offer and the groundbreaking trial. I almost feel like I've manifested it."

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