I only wash my hair once a month – its not disgusting like most people think

A woman has confessed to only washing her hair once a month – but insists it's not as "disgusting" as people believe it is.

Tink, who posts online under the username @cherries_87, has only washed her hair 10 times this year. In an a video, she claimed it had been 36 days since her last hair wash.

In the video, which has gained more than 184,000 likes, she showed off her split-dyed hair in the video, with one half dyed black and the other a vibrant pink with streaks of green.

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She said: "Come with me to wash my hair for the 10th time this year. That's right – 10th time, and we are in November. It's been 36 days since I last had a hair wash."

The woman explained in her video that one of her hair dye boxes needed to be applied to dry hair, while the other had to go on wet. So she had to change up her usual routine.

However, she also revealed she shampoos her hair twice to make sure it's completely clean, as this also helps her locks last the full month without another wash.

Once the dye was completely washed out, Tink returned to the video with super shiny hair. And TikTok users were quick to praise her for how healthy her locks look.

One person wrote: "Your hair looks so nice!", while another explained to some confused commenters: "She trains her hair which means your hair will get less greasy the longer she goes without washing it."

Tink has previously spoken about her hair routine in another video – in which she insisted that, just because she only washes her hair once a month, doesn't mean she isn't washing her body regularly.

She also confessed she's been training her hair this way for around 15 years, so her locks are more than used to her routine by now.

She said: "The reason I don't wash it for a while is because it's actually really, really good and healthy for your hair to leave it as long as possible and to let the natural oils do its job. That's how I keep my colour so bright, it's why my hair grows so long, it's why my hair is so thick and why my hair is so healthy.

"I have been doing it for literally 15 years or so. It's not dirty, it's not disgusting and I do wash."

Hair experts often advise against frequent washing – as it can strip the scalp of its natural oils, causing it to produce more and make the hair greasier. If you tend to have dry skin or a dry, itchy scalp in addition to oily hair, slowly stretching how frequently you wash may help balance out your scalp's oil production, according to HealthLine.

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