Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Saturday, October 21


A competitor is displaying some weakness. Your dilemma now is: do you take advantage or do you offer some concessions. You were determined to get ahead but that seems to no longer be the case when you are more aware now of the advantages of working as a team.


It is time to push concerns and anxieties aside for a short while. Leave sorting these out until another day. Let go of any uncertainties and calm your mind. This will help you eventually gain a clearer perspective and find a solution to your current situation.


Dabbling in different interests will add spice to your life. A close friend or relative also needs something new to get their teeth into. Together you might take on an enterprising challenge. It’s not going to be easy but at this stage at least, it will be both fun and entertaining.


A domestic problem or financial issue has been simmering for too long. You need to get this resolved for your own peace of mind. Dwelling on worries will dull your enjoyment of activities that would normally bring you pleasure. A close friend will push you to find a solution.


Someone who does not know you very well will help you out of a tight spot. You will want to show your appreciation. They aren’t looking for gratitude but they might welcome your friendship. Take this opportunity to obey your instincts.


Someone you haven’t been getting on well with is conspicuous by their absence. It will be a relief to notice the day is relatively stress-free. This realisation will prompt you to make some changes in your life so you have more control, in future, over the company that you keep.


You’re curious as to why a friend or relative is acting strangely. You sense they are hiding something from you but there are reasons for this and that’s why you should hide your curiosity. There is something they know that they would prefer you didn’t find out about. Some things are best kept secret.


Someone at a family gathering or social event will make an emotional appeal. If you can help them, you will. Coming up with ideas on how to raise money for a good cause is among the possibilities. If you’ve been feeling a little lonely of late, time spent with your favourite people will cheer you.


Admit it when you aren’t certain. No one will hold this against you. Bluffing your way through a situation is not a good idea. Be honest, both in social and professional relationships. That way, you won’t have to rack your brains in the future to remember what you said and to whom.

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Why are you constantly analysing matters that cannot be immediately solved and issues that cause contention? Give yourself a break. Step back and push concerns you are becoming obsessed with to the back of your mind. Console yourself with the hope that the answers you seek will arrive another day.


A new health regime could pay off. Eating smaller portions at shorter intervals will suddenly sound more preferable to three big meals each day. If you have been feeling low, don’t be surprised when you notice your energy returning. Devoting time and attention to a hobby will be rewarding.


Sharing hobbies and interests with like-minded friends will build your confidence. There’s nothing you like better than to channel your imagination into creative work. Everyone will praise you for your talents. Complaints expected from a thrifty partner will not surface. They are enjoying themselves too much to care.

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