Can you guess the famous fathers of the new Cool Britannia bunch?

The new Cool Britannia bunch! These VERY glamorous Gen Z-ers are putting their once achingly cool dads in the shade – but can YOU guess who their famous fathers are?

  • The trendy fathers’ influenced many worldwide, but now it’s time for their kids
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From the Blur vs Oasis chart battle, to the antics of the Primrose Hill set, the Nineties was a time defined by ‘Cool Britannia’ when London felt like the undisputed cultural capital of the world.

At the forefront of this band of rock stars, models and footballers who were notorious for their wild parties and devil-may-care attitudes, were the likes of Damon Albarn, Jude Law and Noel Gallagher.

But now as the heroes of the era settle comfortably into mid-life, they’re being firmly put in the shade by their extremely hip Gen Z offspring. 

Take Iris Law – the influencer turned top model and face of Versace’s latest fragrance, the 22-year-old is known for her outrageously cool look, bleached blonde hair, and experimental outfits. 

While Missy Albarn, daughter of Blur frontman Damon, even banned her father from creating an Instagram account after quite rightly realising she’s now the coolest member of the family. 

Here FEMAIL delves into the glamorous lives of the offspring of some of the biggest names of the ’90s, but could you guess who their famous fathers are at a glance? 

Iris Law 

Iris Law has taken the fashion world by storm, but she didn’t get there alone given that her father is a ’90s heartthrob 

If you hadn’t guessed already, Iris’ father is Jude Law- famous for his rendition of Graham in The Holiday 

In the last month alone, Iris has filmed with Victoria’s Secret for their latest show, appeared in Vogue World, the first show of its kind, and strutted the runway for Versace

The rising star, 22, launched her career in 2017 after becoming the face of Burberry Beauty. Here she is picture in 2004 in Primrose Hill with Jude and her brothers Rafferty Law (right) and Rudy Law (in Jude’s arms) 

The rising star has somehow managed to separate herself from her A-List father, Jude Law, but the resemblance is clear once you realise the family tie: the dreamy eyes, golden skin tone, and overarching beauty.

Jude Law continues to be a heartthrob for many, particularly around Christmas when his portrayal of Graham in The Holiday returns to our screens. 

But while Jude may have conquered the world of rom coms, his daughter Iris has had a much cooler ascent to fame.

Her career in fashion started when a photoshoot for Illustrated led her to becoming the face of Burberry’s beauty campaign in 2017 and her star has been in the ascent ever since. 

The rising star has already landed campaigns for major brands including Calvin Klein, and is represented by IMG Models. 

Just this past month alone, Iris has filmed with Victoria’s Secret for their latest show, appeared in Vogue World, the first show of its kind, and strutted the runway for Versace.

It’s true that her access to the industry was easy given her father, but Iris is determined to be seen as more than just a pretty face. 

She set her sights on conquering the acting world after being cast in Danny Boyles’ six-part Sex Pistol biopic series Pistol as counter-culture figure Soo Catwoman. 

And she’s launched her own YouTube channel, sharing her knowhow on ‘food, beauty and everything in-between’. 

In her first video, Iris showed how to make a blueberry and blue cheese focaccia bread, demonstrating her domestic goddess skills. 

Missy Albarn 

The name Missy Albarn might not ring a bell at first given her low key personality, but the 23-year-old has an unforgettable style, seemingly inherited from her father Damon Alabarn. The pair are pictured above at the Burberry Fashion show earlier this month 

It seems Missy is aware that her father isn’t as hip as he once used to be – given that she banned Damon from getting social media 

It seems attending runway shows is a frequent father daughter date for Missy and Damon; here they are photographed after sitting front row of the Versace fashion show in Milan 2021 

Born and raised in London, Missy was raised by a 90s legend on the music scene – the frontman of virtual band Gorrilaz and Blur 

Missy Albarn is a much more lowkey nepo baby and is the daughter of, you’ve probably guessed it from the surname, Damon Albarn.

As you’d expect from the child of the frontman of Gorillaz and Blur, Missy is trendy and laid-back. 

In fact, Missy herself has come to realise that she’s the coolest member of the family now, and she’s even protected her rockstar father from tarnishing the family legacy. Back in 2022, Missy banned Damon from creating a personal Instagram account. 

The singer, 53, told The Changes podcast with Annie Macmanus: ‘I got as far as giving myself a name and I heard this scream downstairs, and then some running upstairs.

‘She ran into the room and got my phone and threw it away before I could. It is funny.’

While Missy might be too embarrassed to have her father on social media, the star proudly stood next to her father at the Burberry Fashion Show in Highbury Fields last week and outdid her once very fashionable father.

She was photographed outside the star-studded show in an effortlessly cool contrasting two-piece emblazoned with the Burberry logo. 

Perhaps what truly proved her stylish prowess was her seamlessly pulling off a pair of black fluffy earmuffs. Damon stood next to her, still cool, but not quite as hip as his only daughter.

Missy is studying fashion design at university and has even set up her own online shop – House of Saltman – selling her quirky designs, although it appears to currently be closed while she focuses on her studies.  

Stella Jones 

Model Stella Jones is a clear beauty. She has a famous musician father

If you were yet to figure it out, Stella’s father is Mick Jones, best known for co-founding the iconic band, The Clash, but has since dabbled in music production, having produced most of the Libertines songs, as well as songwriting

The model is known for her close friendship with Lila Moss (left) who are childhood bestfriends 

Stella is signed to Kate Moss’ agency, which has secured her jobs with some of the biggest fashion houses across the globe 

Stella is undeniably cool, and her many thousands of fans on social media will agree. 

Her down-to-earth personality will lure you into watching a stream of silly impersonations on TikTok, and having you laugh with a group of twenty somethings that are complete strangers. 

But if one thing is absent from her social media, it’s her very famous father, Mick Jones.

Mick is best known for co-founding the iconic band, The Clash, but he has since dabbled in music production, having produced most of the Libertines songs, as well as songwriting. 

But his 20-year-old daughter Stella has kept her nepotism links clear from her social media.

Rather it is her best friend, Lila Moss, who is the most starry presence in Stella’s life. The duo seems virtually inseparable, and you can often see the two at photoshoots or taking flights to foreign cities together. 

Stella is obviously no stranger to Lila’s mother either, who signed Stella to her Kate Moss Agency.

The deal has seen Stella work for several major fashion houses including Fendi, Dior, and Marc Jacobs. Her distinctive look, complete with her Cara Delevingne style eyebrows lends perfectly to high fashion.


Singer songwriter Mabel is famous in her own right, having secured a Brit Award for ‘Best British Female Solo Artist in 2017 

Mabel’s blossoming musical career didn’t come without the help of her famous parents: Swedish singer Neneh Cherry (left) and singer songwriter Cameron McVey (right)

Mabel regularly attends events with her father and the pair seemingly have a very close relationship 

While her father’s career has quietened down, Mabel’s is just getting started – and she just released her new album ‘About Last Night’ 

Singer songwriter Mabel has achieved worldwide recognition in her own right, having shot to fame with her single ‘Finders Keepers’ in 2017, which peaked at number eight in the UK charts. 

But the Brit Award winner for ‘Best British Female Solo Artist’ didn’t quite get there on her own.

The singer grew up in Notting Hill in an extremely talented household. 

While her mother is the Swedish singer Neneh Cherry, best known for ‘7 seconds’, her father is Cameron McVey. The esteemed singer songwriter who has helped bands including Massive Attack and Portishead create some of their most renowned tracks.

Mabel’s talented parents raised her in Notting Hill, where she taught herself the basics of music at a young age.

But while Cameron’s career has quietened down, his daughter Mabel, 27, is just getting going.

In the past few months alone, Mabel has graced covers of magazines, including NME, performed up and down the country at music festivals and released her new album ‘About Last Night’.

If the singer isn’t gracing high fashion events with her presence or watching an Arsenal match, she’s in the studio creating music for her thousands of adoring fans.

Anais Gallagher 

Anais Gallagher, 23, has forged her own path with a blossoming modelling career – but it all kicked off with her famous father

If the surname hadn’t given it away, Anais is daughter of Noel Gallagher, from rock band Oasis 

In recent times, the model has made headlines after addressing her nepotism and how it has helped her career 

Model Anais Gallagher has paved her way into the public eye since a young age. Having been signed to a modelling agency since the age of 11, the 23-year-old has long established herself as a celebrity.

But her stardom didn’t come about on her own. Anais is following the legacy of her rock star father – Noel Gallagher.

Anais has made a name for herself in recent years, since modelling for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana and starring in esteemed magazines such as Tatler.

But while the model has forged a modelling career – she’s made headlines for addressing her nepotism since being the daughter of the Oasis singer.

Anais addressed the criticism surrounding ‘nepotism babies’ and admitted she is ‘grateful’ for the ‘privilege’ her upbringing has given her. 

She previously opened up about her opinions on ‘nepotism babies’, which refers to children born into affluent or famous families.

The 23-year-old confessed she would be ‘tone deaf and irresponsible’ if she didn’t admit the ‘leg up’ in life her upbringing has given her, saying it is something she will be grateful for ‘until the day I die’.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, she explained: ‘I would be tone deaf and irresponsible if I didn’t admit to how privileged my life has been and how much of a leg up my upbringing has given me.

‘I’m really, really, extremely grateful for the situation my parents have been able to give me, and I’ll be grateful until the day I die.

‘Whether it’s being able to attend university or have job opportunities, I’m incredibly grateful for everything they’ve given me.’

Anais said she thinks there is ‘justification’ around hiring nepotism babies as she addressed criticism that they have access to opportunities which other people don’t.

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