Best Shark vacuum cleaner deals: Get £180 off, and thats not all


  • Best Shark vacuum cleaner deals
  • Are Shark vacuums as good as Dyson?
  • Which is the best Shark vacuum cleaner?
  • How long does a Shark vacuum last?
  • Want to find the best Shark vacuum cleaner deals? A brilliant vacuum cleaner is essential for any household essential, and the line-up from Shark is one of the most popular (and award-laden) available in the UK.

    Usually, these Shark vacuum cleaners aren’t some of the most affordable models, but that’s all changed with the launch of their early Black Friday deals. For a very limited time, Shark is offering up to £180 off a number of its popular cleaners.

    Best of all? These aren’t the basic machines either, Shark has generously included some of its bestselling models in the discounts!

    • Check out the Shark Black Friday sale for all of the discounted models

    Shark, which is based in Needham, Massachusetts, offers a dizzying number of vacuumed …all designed for different household needs, including models designed to tackle pesky pet (and the odd stray human hair), cordless variants, and lightweight models. Each model can be paired with a number of accessories, including anti-hair wrap, anti-odour, and pet-specific attachments.

    Shark offers its vacuums in three main variants – corded, cordless, and handheld.

    Until recently, the disadvantage of cordless vacuum cleaners was the limited battery life, however, they can now last anywhere from 40 to 120 minutes, with in-between options for different home sizes. Some models ship with two batteries, which can be swapped out during vacuuming so you never have to test your patience by stopping to charge mid-vacuum. 

    Shark’s cordless vacuums are great for people with back issues or those who can’t lift heavy things as they’re lighter and easier to move around. They also avoid the tripping hazard of the cord and there is no need to plug and unplug when using on stairs or different floors.

    Below, you’ll find our comprehensive rundown of the best Shark vacuum cleaner deals around today. We’ve also got details on how Shark vacuums compare to the latest from rival brands, like Dyson. Scroll down for our complete guide, or use the links above to jump to a specific section.

    Best Shark vacuum cleaner deals

    If you’re unsure which Shark vacuum cleaners are worth your hard-earned cash, we’ve put together a list of the current deals, so you don’t miss the chance to save money on your next household investment.

    Quick clean-ups are made easier with this handheld vacuum, which includes two attachments and is ideal for tidying up after children and pets.

    This lightweight and portable cordless vacuum includes anti-hair wrap technology, 40-minute run-time and a pet tool to clean hair.

    For powerful vacuum cleaning, this corded device has LED headlights and is effective for deep cleaning both carpet and hard surfaces.

    Part of the premium Stratos range, this vacuum cleaner picks up pet and human hair extremely effectively, has 60-minute run-time, and is recommended by 82 percent of reviewers.

    Are Shark vacuums as good as Dyson?

    While Shark and Dyson are two of the biggest brands in the UK and both offer a range of vacuum cleaners, there are differences between the machines. The brands compete with cordless, corded and handheld machines.

    When deciding between the two major retailers, it’s worth keeping in mind that Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are some of the most expensive. Although both brands include premium builds, Dyson’s cost considerably more than Shark’s. 

    Shark’s vacuum cleaners are more than powerful enough for everyday use, better for those on a budget and hold a strong reputation with many positive reviews across the ranges.

    Which is the best Shark vacuum cleaner?

    Vacuum cleaners are an investment, and there are multiple things to consider when choosing the best model for your home.

    Technology has come a long way since the days of hauling a bulky, heavy vacuum cleaner out of the under-stairs cupboard. Most models are now lightweight, compact and easy to store, making cleaning a slightly less arduous household chore.

    The Stratos range is Shark’s most advanced, with one corded stick, three cordless and four upright options. This range, which boasts Anti Hair Wrap Plus and Anti-Odour technology, is designed for collecting pet and human hair, and Shark’s website reports that it’s recommended by 9/10 pet owners.

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are popular for being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, and all of Shark’s vacuum cleaners now have a run-time of 40 minutes or longer, so they are no longer restricted to small homes. The Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum lasts for up to two hours and includes two batteries, so there’s no risk of running out of power while using the machine.

    For unlimited usage, the upright and corded stick cleaners are still well worth considering and feature innovative lift-away technology. They can transform into lightweight and portable vacuums in seconds to vacuum stairs and other hard-to-reach areas.

    Before you become the proud owner of a brand new clean machine, have a read through the numerous customer reviews on Shark’s website and see what others are rating as the best features, and which are the most suited to your needs.

    Those looking to save money can keep an eye on discounted models, including in the current Black Friday sale.

    How long does a Shark vacuum last?

    For peace of mind, Shark’s vacuum cleaners include a five-year guarantee, which is automatically registered when buying directly.

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