Story mfg. Delivers Third All-Natural R.T.S Collection

Eco-minded fashion imprint Story mfg. has long championed an authentic approach to fashion design — one that does not sacrifice consciousness for aesthetics. Since 2013, husband-and-wife duo Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi have built out a wardrobe on strong founding pillars, which include zero-waste, vegan and cruelty-free design processes. With its environmental impact at the fore, the label has just released the third iteration of its R.T.S (formerly known as “Roots”) collection, introducing a bevy of sustainable garments and accessories.

The capsule includes a number of knit sweaters, multi-toned button-ups and simple crossbody totes. Per the brand, “these garments are created slowly, and dyed through natural means – using leaves, fruit, roots, bark and other micro-organisms, all natural tones, nothing artificial.”

To accomplish this, Story mfg. utitlized natural indigo, Pathimugam, Karuvelam Patthai and Kaduak to produce a strong color palette that includes tones of black, brown, blue and pink. Among the standout silhouettes, the Greetings Shirt boasts a wide, ever-so-slightly cropped shape, similar to that of a retro bowling shirt; and the Furrow Jumper is entirely hand-knitted using 100% organic cotton yarn.

Story mfg.’s new R.T.S collection is now available to shop on the brand’s webstore and at its Brighton flagship store. Prices range from £55.00 GBP to £295.00 GBP. Take a closer look at the range in the gallery above.

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