Netflix Drops the First Official Trailer for ‘Sweet Home 2'

After three years, Sweet Home, the popular South Korean apocalyptic horror TV series will be returning to Netflix with its long-awaited second installment.

Adapted from a webtoon with the same name, the live-action series first premiered in December 2020 and was the first South Korean series that ever climbed to Netflix’s Top 10 shoes in the U.S. Last June, Netflix also confirmed that it will produce two more seasons, although no additional information was revealed ever since.

Earlier today, the streaming service finally unveiled the first official trailer for Sweet Home 2. The premise appears to be a direct continuation from where season one had left off, as the video opens up with Hyun-su (played by Song Kang), the protagonist, who’s now bound to a cage and being transported to an ominous facility.

In an official press release, director Lee Eung-bok teases the new season to be” a full-fledged apocalyptic drama.” He adds, “While season 1 portrayed tension and fear in the confined space of the Green Home, season 2 will be set in an open space with the introduction of a whole new group of characters and monsters.”

Watch the trailer for Sweet Home 2 above. The show will premiere this December 1 and will only be available to stream on Netflix.

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