A Look Inside MINI’s Futuristic Automotive Event at Lovecraft Munich

From the grand reveal of its Aceman concept car to its recently exhibited Interaction Unit at this year’s Gamescom, the past month has seen MINI permeate the industry with innovative activations that explore its new, electrically-charged chapter. However, the brand’s run of events across the globe doesn’t end there.

Last week, MINI opened the doors to a special take-over at Munich’s up-and-coming cultural warehouse Lovecraft. Having premiered its all-electric MINI Cooper and Countryman a day before, the event aimed to contextualize the new “MINI Family” by imagining them in a futuristic array of installation scenes amongst other immersive experiences.

Taking place during the annual IAA Mobility fair, the expansive exhibition welcomed guests from the automotive industry as well as the local creative community in Bavarian City. The seven-story space, designed with the re-use concepts of Lovecraft in mind, featured a repurposed set-up dedicated to the two new models on the ground floor and was situated alongside the concept Aceman of which they draw inspiration from.

Naturally, the concept model opened the show. Landing directly ahead of the entrance against a pink backdrop – a color which has come to signify MINI’s new era – LED panels riffed off the car’s integrated light contouring whilst a large-scale sculpture of the brand mascot Spike sat beside the Aceman. Drawing inspiration from the Union Jack flag that it traditionally adorned, the MINI Cooper’s respective scene was dressed in deep blue with reflective bubble-like objects across the floor. The final installation featured the MINI Countryman under a canopy of dangling orange streamers. Each setting also included a QR code on the floor, inviting guests to further explore the models. 1 of 6

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Following this, special guest Sophia Thakur – an award-winning written word artist – performed a poem that referenced the MINI Family within the verses. With her perfectly penned stanzas, she demonstrated how the world of MINI can be interpreted through the lens of various art forms. After the performance, she ushered guests to the upper levels where attendees were treated to a night of sound, design and technological experiences.

MINI dedicated the first floor of the showcase to the “Process.” Here, a circular hub emblazoned with the words “new generation” hosted insightful displays around the perimeter. From AI-supported visuals to canvassed images, the area succinctly encapsulated the various areas of production right down to the experimentation phases. To end the night, a line-up of performances took place on the second floor. Rapper Tierra Whack shared a taste for her own lyricism followed by Sophia Thakur who took the stage again with her “Big Love” track. However, it was DJs JAEL and Anais B that brought the audience to their feet, supplying beats into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Inducting fans into its new era, the event showed how MINI uses – and will continue to use – advancements in technology to reduce its carbon footprint. By tapping into its distinctive flair in design, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach, the brand interjects a sense of diversity into the ever-expanding market of electric automobiles – proving that creativity holds an important role in the future of sustainable living.

To find out more about the new “MINI Family,” head to the brand’s website now.
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