Professor Turns CT Home Into Political Halloween Decoration Fun House

‘Tis the season to get spooky, and one collegiate professor thinks nothing’s scarier than American politics … which is reflected in his awesome Halloween home decorations.

Check out what Matt Warshauer has done to his West Hartford property out in Connecticut … where his crib has essentially turned into a carnival-style fun house that’s completely D.C.-inspired — and touches on all the hot-button issues in the U.S., including Trump!

Political Halloween Decorations

Take a look for yourself … Warshauer’s place is decked out and then some with creative constructions — like the panel of skeleton Supreme Court justices, meant to show that America’s trust in SCOTUS is dead, at least from his POV.

Political Halloween Decorations

There’s another featurette with even more bags of bones — which are crafted to depict Ron DeSantisfight with Disney over LGBT issues. This is part of a rotating merry-go-round-style stage … and each “scene” portrays what he considers a frightening political scene.

And yes, there’s a DT clown reference, too … his painted-on caption here says it all.

Political Halloween Decorations

The name of this neighborhood attraction, as Warshauer describes it, is “United States Fun House” … and while it might, perhaps, turn off certain adults (depending on their actual politics) — it’s undoubtedly a head-turner, and something people are flocking to see.

BTW, this is more than just a standing spectacle … it’s actually interactive, as the home-owner looks to have incorporated built-in games into the decorations on his front lawn.

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Warshauer teaches history at Central Connecticut State University … and we’re guessing he leans slightly left. We’ll give him this — the guy’s got a knack for exterior home design. ๐Ÿ˜…

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