Paris Fury bonds with eldest daughter Venezuela as they go Christmas shopping

Paris Fury spent some quality time with her eldest child, daughter Venezuela, as the pair indulged in a Christmas shopping trip.

The mum of seven, who recently welcomed another son with her boxing champion husband, Tyson Fury, showed off her close bond with her 14 year old daughter as they shopped in Primark.

In a video posted to Primark's Instagram page, Paris and Venezuela could be seen wearing patterned Christmas jumpers as they shopped 'til they dropped.

Paris and Venezuela stood next to each other and smiled, as Paris said: "Hi, I'm Paris Fury and this is Venezuela Fury and we have come shopping in Primark to get our Christmas goodies."

The pair picked up Christmas jumpers, gifts for friends and family, perused the festive home items and looked at adorable baby clothes, ready for Prince Rico Fury, the youngest member of the Fury clan, to enjoy his first Christmas.

Some of the comments on the post suggested that the multimillionaire Paris doesn't actually shop in the low-budget store, which had one fan leaping to her defence.

That fan wrote: "All of you saying ‘I bet she doesn’t shop there’ shows your lack of knowledge on the Fury’s. They’re the must humble and down to earth people who still shop in Asda & Tesco and refuse to buy a pack of chocolate over £1, despite being multi millionaires, so I bet she does shop in primark."

Others took issue with the way that Paris pronounced the word 'Primark' as 'Pre-mark' as they took to the comments section.

"Pre-mark ?" said one, with a confused face, whilst another wrote: "Preemark I’ve never ever heard it pronounced that way. My primark is never that well stocked wonder which one they went to."

But others fought here corner, as one said: "She’s saying it right."

Paris recently shared an adorable video of her two year old daughter Athena who was requesting to get a photo taken next to a post box, as Paris said it is “where you put ya Santa letter”.

Two year old Athena looked festive in a bright red jumper, paired with a blue and red checked skirt and some red tights. She completed her adorable look with her hair styled into pigtails with red bows.

Paris caught the moment on camera where her daughter rushed to stand next to the red post box and posed for a quick snap. The mum of seven can be heard saying: “What is it Athena?" before adding: “That’s a post box, come on, that’s where you put your letters to Santa."

She also wrote over the video: “She only wants to get a photo cus It’s where you put ya Santa letter."

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