Love Islands Tom Clare brands ex Samie Elishi petty and says you learn a lot about people

Love Island's Tom Clare has branded his ex-girlfriend Samie Elishi 'petty' as he said cryptically: "You learn a lot about people".

Tom, 24, and Sammy, 23, met on the winter series of Love Island in early 2023, and they went on to date outside the villa before announcing their shock split just a couple of weeks later, with fans left surprised at the news.

The pair are then believed to have reconciled around June as Tom was seen liking Sammy's Instagram posts and they were spotted out and about together.

But a few month later, Samie broke her silence to confirm that the pair are definitely not getting back together, but she is happy that she and Tom who do not hate each other.

Speaking to The Sun, Samie said: "I'm happy that we don't hate each other now.

"No, we're not back on, we're just really good friends."

She also addressed any chance of them getting back together in the future, saying: "I don't know, once you've been there and done it with someone…we had our run and it went well, but I'm happy that we don't hate each other now."

Samie went onto say that she and Tom can still go out an have fun together as friends.

And Tom has opened up on his relationship with Samie now, as he branded her 'petty' for unfollowing him on Instagram as he said 'you learn a lot about people' once one has left Love Island.

Speaking on the The Nikki & Bree Show podcast, Tom said: “With me and Samie, it’s hard. I genuinely went in there to find someone, thought I’d found that person. I was in love with the girl, I would have done anything for her. I think when you come out, things change.

"I think you learn a lot about people, whether that’s friends or relationships.

“I dunno, I feel like we’re not on such good terms at the minute for whatever reason. I feel like I gave 110% into the relationship.

I couldn’t have done anything more. I’ll never change who I am for anyone.

Unfollowing me on Instagram, for me, was quite petty. But I’m over it now and I wish her all the best. I hope she finds someone who makes her really happy.

“You learn a lot about people when you come out.”

In light of Tom's comments, a source close to Samie told OK!: “Samie refuses to indulge Tom in a back and forth. He’s more than aware of the reason Samie no longer follows him and it was purely down to Toms behaviour so it’s odd he has chosen to play the victim in this scenario.“

Tom appeared on the podcast alongside pal and former Love Island co-star Casey O'Gorman, as the pair addressed their lives outside of the villa – and the connections they made whilst they were in there.

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