Kali Uchis Shares Video For New Single 'Te Mata'

Kali Uchis recently released a new single, titled “Te Mata,” and an accompanying video.

“Te Mata,” which Uchis co-produced with Josh Crocker, Julian Bernal and Manuel Lara, is the second track from her upcoming new Spanish album Orquideas, due out on January 12, 2024.

The track features Uchis finding happiness after a breakup, much to the chagrin of her ex.

“Well that’s already over, that’s not me anymore / I’m finally happy, my days are no longer gray / I finally realized that I deserve much more / and that kills you,” she sings.

Bethany Vargas directed the music video for “Te Mata.”

Uchis previously released “Muñekita,” featuring fellow Latin artist El Alfa as well as City Girls rapper JT, from the forthcoming album, which is her fourth.

(Photo: COUGHS)

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