Glen Powell Went Nude For Magazine To Try To STOP Fans From Sharing Face Meme!

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney‘s promo tour for Anyone But You began this week, with the co-stars doing profiles for Men’s Health and Women’s Health, respectively. Was it a soft launch in case the SAG-AFTRA strike hadn’t ended? Not talking about the movie, just putting their faces out there?

Well, we say “faces”…

While Sydney kept herself covered up in a rather modest two-piece, Glen went all-out. And we mean ALL. OUT. Well, take a look at every slide (below):

A post shared by Men's Health (@menshealthmag)

A post shared by Men's Health (@menshealthmag)


Hilariously, Glen took to his own social media after the issue hit newsstands to clarify:

“I only took off my pants to try and bury this photo”

He then posted an example of some of the ribbing he’s been getting over a photo in which he’s smiling guilelessly on the red carpet at the premiere of Hidden Figures. It was way back in 2016, so maybe he hadn’t perfected his red carpet looks yet? In any case, it’s just not the most flattering pic. But X (Twitter) users got savage over it earlier this year, roasting him with comments like:

“Me next in line at the dispensary trying to look normal”

“he looks like a capybara who wished to become human”

Ouch! No wonder Glen would rather replace that image in our heads with one of his peachy, well-muscled derriere! Sort of a “my face is up here… so look down there” approach! We have to say though, next time don’t repost the darn pic!

Though tbh it only adds to his charm that he occasionally takes a bad photo! LOLz! It happens to all of us, guy! See more of Glen in his video for MH (below)!

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