Young Sheldon's Mary Is Onto George and Brenda — But Does She Have a Leg to Stand On? Watch Sneak Peek

Whoa, baby! In addition to Georgie and Mandy’s daughter, Thursday’s Young Sheldon (CBS, 8/7c) delivers a George-and-Mary moment two seasons in the making — and TVLine has your exclusive first look.

Big Bang Theory Easter Eggs on Young Sheldon

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After getting Mandy to the hospital, Brenda Sparks (recurring guest star Melissa Peterman) attempts to make herself scarce. But George, who has just arrived for the birth of his grandchild, insists that his next-door neighbor keep him company.

It’s there, seated beside Mary’s hubby, that Brenda is overcome with a sense of déjà vu.

“Remember the last time we were here?” she asks.

“You mean the night you gave me a heart attack?” George answers.

“Stop it,” she responds, playfully slapping his arm. “I did not give you a heart attack.”

“You gave me something,” he responds.

Their flirtatious back-and-forth is cut short by the arrival of Mary, who’s clearly thrown by Brenda’s proximity to her husband. Lest we forget, Mary knows that Brenda has the hots for a married man! But before Mrs. Cooper has a chance to interrogate, her own “special friend” makes his presence known.

The Big Bang Theory prequel has been slow-burning George’s potential affair with Brenda since its Season 4 finale. Mary’s tempter, Rob (played by Dan Byrd), arrived early in Season 5. George previously confronted Mary about her friendship with the youth pastor, but Mary has remained blind to George’s secret chicken coop meetings with Brenda. Is all that about to change?

Watch the extremely awkward moment play out above, then hit the comments with your reactions. 

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