Why Miley Cyrus Doesn't Believe In Karma Of Any Kind

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight for over half her life. Though she knew about the music industry through her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, her first role as Miley Stewart on the hit Disney show, Hannah Montana, quickly catapulted her into superstardom. Since then, Cyrus has released six studio albums and is in the midst of releasing her seventh, She Is Miley Cyrus. But Cyrus has also become known for her humanitarian efforts. She has her own charity, The Happy Hippy Foundation, is a staunch vegan, and a huge supporter and member of the LGBT community. For someone so in touch with human nature, it’s a bit surprising to learn that Cyrus doesn’t believe in karma. Here’s why the 26-year-old feels that way.


In Buddhist and Hindu cultures, karma is the belief that every person’s action in this state of being and existence, as well as every previous state of being and existence, are considered in determining their fate in future states of existence. Colloquially, karma has come to represent the idea that what goes around comes around and that everyone eventually gets what’s coming to them. In effect, good people will eventually experience good things and bad people will invariably experience bad things. Seems like an idea that Cyrus could absolutely relate to, so why doesn’t she?

Life lessons from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus

Cyrus admits that she adopted a lot of her beliefs and values from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, which obviously makes sense. Through her dad, she has learned the value of doing what’s right even when it’s detrimental to your goals or your journey. “My dad doesn’t like when anyone tells anyone no. He loves the underdog and has always been that way. He would rather do what’s right and lose sometimes than cheat and win. And that’s always been me, too. I’d rather fail than cheat,” the “Mother’s Daughter” singer confessed in a recent interview with Elle.

Cyrus’ New Song, “Bad Karma”

But doing what’s right doesn’t translate into gaining good karma for Cyrus. In fact, she doesn’t believe in karma at all. “I have a new song called “Bad Karma”, but there is no such thing as karma. There’s just cause and effect. Otherwise, Donald Trump wouldn’t be President. I don’t believe that everyone gets theirs,” Cyrus declared, never one to shy away from topics that most people consider taboo like sex and politics.

Cause & Effect

Cyrus continued on to share personal anecdotes from her life that confirmed her belief that the idea of karma doesn’t exist “It’s just cause and effect. If you have a lot of money and you did a lot of shady shit, you’re going to win. That doesn’t mean that at some point someone’s not going to take you down. But I just don’t believe that everyone gets what they deserve. I know a lot of amazing people through Happy Hippie (referring to her charity foundation) who live on the street—artists who are super-talented who’ve never gotten a break. I fu*king know that karma isn’t real,” the “Malibu” singer said.

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She Is Miley Cyrus

Whether you agree with the logic behind Cyrus’ statement or not, it’s great to see her talk about things like this. Whatever you might think of Cyrus, she always uses her voice and platform to draw attention to important issues like women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, the environmental crisis, and homelessness. We commend Cyrus for standing in her truth whilst standing up for what’s right. Whether she believes in karma or not, she’s leaving a positive impact on the world.

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