Why did Vince shoot Jack Sheridan in Virgin River?

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for fourth season

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WARNING: This story contains spoilers

Virgin River is back on Netflix with season four and fans were keen to find out who was responsible for shooting Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson). In season three, Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) was arrested after the offending weapon was found in his car. But as Jack’s memory came back, he realised it was Vince who was to blame.

Why did Vince shoot Jack Sheridan in Virgin River?

It may have come as a surprise that Jack’s shooter was identified so early on in the season.

Brady was seen in prison after being arrested, but he knew he was not the one responsible.

Mike (Marco Grazzini) was still adamant about following the evidence and, even after Brady was attacked in prison, still believed it was him.

It was not until Jack was shown CCTV footage of Vince, the brother of Paige’s (Lexa Doig) ex-partner, that he recognised his face.

Jack then tried to convince Mike they had arrested the wrong man after all.

In a series of flashbacks, viewers saw what really happened that night at the bar.

Brady had visited Jack to let him know he was cutting ties with Calvin (David Cubitt).

On the same night, Vince had come to the bar in search of Preacher (Colin Lawrence), as he had questions over Wes’ (Steve Bacic) disappearance.

Jack informed Vince that Preacher was not around, and he grabbed a knife suspecting something bad might happen.

When he saw Vince had a gun, Jack took a swipe at Vince with the knife and injured him.

The gun fell out of Vince’s hands, but Jack did not realise he had another gun stowed away in his jeans.

This is when Vince pulled out the other weapon and shot Jack in the abdomen, before making his escape.

Vince’s gun was seemingly meant for Preacher, and Jack was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He had no other reason to have shot Jack, as the pair are not connected in any way.

Vince did get his comeuppance in the end, as Preacher managed to track him down.

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He had been hiding in a cabin with Christopher, and Paige made a surprise return to warn Preacher of his plan.

Vince had proposed an exchange, saying he would give Christopher back if Paige went with him.

Paige had been staying at a women’s refuge after going into hiding out of fear Vince would find her.

Wanting her son to be safe, Paige agreed to the exchange and went with Vince back to the cabin.

Just as Paige and Vince were about to get into a fight, Preached charged in to save the day.

It was a close call but Preacher ended up hitting Vince over the head with a bit of wood.

Unfortunately, it is not clear whether he died, but it would have given Paige and Preacher enough time to escape.

After Mike found out the gun had been planted in Brady’s car, all charges were dropped.

Brady was able to walk around as a free man, with the mystery having been solved.

Virgin River season 4 is on Netflix now.

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