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DAVE Courtney turned a life of crime into one of creativity, going on to publish books and make movies.

Following the news that the former London mobster has passed away, we take a look at his elusive wife JennyBean.

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney, born on February 17, 1959 in Bermondsey, London, was a self-proclaimed former gangster.

The ex-criminal swapped his life of crime to become a recognised author and celebrity.

Courtney shared tales of his past with readers — from being shot to having to kill in order to stay alive.

During his career, Courtney published six books and starred in his own film titled Hell To Pay.



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He also made a living from appearing in numerous television documentaries, speaking about his criminal past and associates, and also acting in movies.

Dave claimed to have links with many notorious gangsters such as Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean — and is best known for organising security at Kray's funeral in 1995.

Courtney has made claims that he has spent time in Belmarsh Prison as a high security prisoner.

These claims were backed up by ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins in his book The Loose Screw.

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Courtney had a few close shaves when it comes to serving time — in 2009 the former gangster avoided jail time after being charged with two firearm offences.

However, former members of the Richardson gang, Bernard O'Mahoney and Frankie Fraser, have accused Courtney of fabricating and embellishing his past criminal record – which Courtney has denied.

Who is Dave Courtney's wife, JennyBean?

Courtney and his wife JennyBean prefer to keep their private life out of the public spotlight.

Dave has kept personal information about his marriage close to his chest and never talked about it in the media.

Some reports claim JennyBean is a rapper, but these are speculative at best.

What does JennyBean do for a living?

It has not been reported how JennyBean makes a living.

There are claims in some outlets that she is rapper.

If this is true, reaching a wide audience isn't part of her musical journey, as there isn't much about her or her songs online.

Did Dave Courtney and JennyBean have any children together?

There is very little verifiable information about whether Courtney and JennyBean have children.

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LatestBollyHolly.com reports that the couple have two daughters.

According to this source, their names are Courtney Courtney and Lillie Eliza Berry.

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